Big Cat Tales: When is it on TV?episode guide

Big Cat Tales: When is it on TV?episode guide

Jonathan and Angela Scott are living a game lover’s dream: they live in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve and work to document the lives of the lions, leopards and cheetahs that live there.

You can now enjoy the big cat story. wanderlust Chat with Jonathan and Angela about the newest series, find out what you can expect, when it airs and where you can watch…

When will Legend of the Big Cat air?

new series big cat story Beginning at 8pm on Sunday, March 10th and running for five weeks.

Where can I watch Legend of Big Cats?

in England, big cat story Aired on Animal Planet. It is available on Sky (channel 162) and Virgin (channel 256).

Which big cats will I see in Big Cat Tales?

The lion’s swamp pride is front and center.They are already known to fans of nature and wildlife documentaries for their role in the BBC series dynasty and Jonathan’s earlier series, big cat diary.

We’ll also be looking at the Cheetah Alliance and the leopards, specifically Bahati the leopard, who is Oliver’s daughter and Bella’s granddaughter, as well big cat diary reputation.

big cat story Get an inside look at the lives of the lions, leopards and cheetahs that Angie and I – along with our co-host Jackson ole Looseyia – have been tracking in Kenya’s fabled Masai Mara National Reserve for years.

“Because we know these big cats and can recognize them as individuals – not just through their appearance, but through their personalities – we are able to provide our audience with a very personal wildlife experience. “

Big Cat Tales Episode Guide: What Happened?

There will be five episodes in the series, each focusing on the personal stories of the animals that roam the Masai Mara. (If you want to watch the show with surprises, you can skip this paragraph…)

first episode Highlights Malaika the cheetah, who is struggling to raise her cubs, and Bahati the leopard, who now has 3 (rare) cubs of her own. The Marsh Lions have some new family members…

second episode See the dynamics of Marsh Pride while Malaika encounters a wildebeest during a hunt to provide for her young. Jonathan got in touch with Bahati and met her cubs for the first time.

third episode Lionesses and Malaika in the reserve are shown hunting buffalo and impala, while Marsh Pride sees more cubs being born, further endangering Pride.

episode four Jump forward a few months, and the situation for the animals in the Masai Mara has changed dramatically. Marsh Pride goes missing, Bahati engages in a half-hunt fight with a giant crocodile, and the Cheetah League arrives.

fifth episodeIn the finale, the leopard Fig was introduced, and the cheetah alliance hunted together. Jonathan witnesses a spectacular crossing, and old friends return.

Standout moment in the series?

“There are a lot. Angie loves lions, and so do I, but my favorite big cat has always been the leopard,” Jonathan said. “They’re so beautiful, ethereal and mysterious, and the way they radiate makes me distinguish them from lions and cheetahs in my mind.

“The clip of the female leopard Bahati showing her feeding on a male impala in a croton bush, accompanied by her two cubs, is a lovely clip. It really gives you insight into these extraordinary The Secret Lives of Creatures.

“For Angie, it was her time with the Marsh Pride lions – the ones we’ve been following since 1977. The scene when Angie was resting in the shadow of her car surrounded by the entire pride Very special.”

What’s next for Jonathan and Angela Scott?

Jonathan and Angela have spent a lifetime learning about the sanctuary’s big cats and continue to do so – because they are as fascinated by these wild, majestic creatures as the rest of us.

“It’s no accident that the public respects big cats so much,” the couple added. “The reason must be their inner effect on us. We glorify and deify big cats – especially lions – embedding them in mythology and transforming them into god-like creatures.

“The aura of lions and tigers has cast a spell over us since time immemorial. Their size and raw strength, their stunning beauty in appearance and movement, the fact that they are ‘gentle killers’, pours a great deal on them The attention span of young but also well-evolved killers. It’s all of this that continues to fascinate us.”

Conservation also seems to be their main concern: “There is always something new to see and explore when it comes to animal behavior and trying to document it with our cameras and books.

“But all of that is being superseded in part by the need to do all we can to help protect the feral cats in the world.

“Almost all are threatened by habitat loss and loss of natural prey. Conflict with humans and their livestock is also a major concern.

“It’s hard for most people to believe that this mighty lion is endangered – but the truth is, there are only 20,000 to 25,000 lions left in the wild in Africa.”

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