Bhutan cuts sustainability fee by 50% – Business Traveler

Bhutan cuts sustainability fee by 50% – Business Traveler

Bhutan has cut the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) tourism tax by 50% over the next four years.

Beginning September 1st, visitors will be charged USD 100 per person per night (was USD 200 per person per night) during their trip. The new rates will remain in effect until August 31, 2027.

The 50% discount also applies to children, meaning the new SDF rate for children ages 6-12 is $50, while children under age 6 are free. SDF’s 24-hour waiver for tourists from border towns will continue.

Earlier this year, Bhutan’s Ministry of Tourism announced a series of incentives, mainly “buy one get one free” overnight stays in the country to promote longer stays, which have now been superseded by new room rates.

A SDF fee (processing fee of US$40) must be paid when applying for a visa and can be done on the Ministry of Tourism website at who have already paid a higher SDF rate for their upcoming trip Bhutan Eligible for a refund.

Dorji Dhradhul, Minister of Tourism BhutanThe impact of Covid-19, conflict in Europe and the cost of living crisis were cited as factors in this decision.

He said: “We have decided to temporarily reduce the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) with the aim of revitalizing our tourism industry and refining our policy to better suit the current market conditions.

“The lower SDF represents a great opportunity for more people to visit our beautiful kingdom in the future, which will benefit our people as well as the many projects the SDF funds.”

Visitors to Bhutan have had to pay since it opened to international tourists in 1974 as part of the country’s “high-value, low-traffic” tourism strategy.

SDF funds invest in a range of critical environmental, social and infrastructure projects designed to support Bhutanpreservation and progress.This includes free healthcare and education for all BhutanYes; sustainability and conservation projects; cultural preservation programs; infrastructure upgrades; youth development programs and more.

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