Beyond Green Partners with Nomadic Expeditions to Launch Luxury, Sustainable Travel Program

Beyond Green hotels, resorts and reserves offer travelers many opportunities to get involved in conservation activities during their stay.this all inclusive plan“Nomadic Adventure”Developed in partnership with Beyond Green, the program’s mission is to make tourism a force for good by positively impacting nature, uplifting communities and preserving cultural heritage in Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal and India. It’s a well-crafted, deeply committed program.Known for transformative travel, offering bespoke tours in Mongolia, India, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan“Nomadic Adventure”Provide personalized service and book existing and custom tours, including Beyond Green member hotels and other hotels on the Beyond Green itinerary booking platform. Our dedicated team can assist with tour arrangements, transfers, bookings, expert guides and advise on travel restrictions where necessary.

You can book a selection of new travel experiences through our dedicated platform at

7-Day Bhutan Discovery Tour (Season: September-April)Experience Bhutan’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage by trekking through lush forests, exploring ancient monasteries, local cuisine, and a variety of activities. Highlights of the trip include exploring the capital Thimphu, visiting Punakha Dzong, one of Bhutan’s most beautiful and best-preserved dzongs (fortresses), hiking the legendary Tiger’s Nest, and viewing Phobhika Krotulu (Phobjikha Krotulu). You’ll also learn about sustainable practices such as preserving Bhutanese culture and heritage, reducing and managing waste, sourcing local food, and engaging with local communities.

12 Days Classic Tour of Nepal (Season: September-April)This tour will take you through the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal and its surrounding attractions. Explore the ancient temples and bazaars of Kathmandu, meet Tibetan Buddhists at Bodhanath, and explore the Hindu temples of Bhaktapur and Patan. After visiting Kathmandu, head to Pokhara, the second largest city in Nepal. The city of Pokhara is nestled in the lush Pokhara Valley, surrounded by towering Himalayas including Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Mahpukhre and the fishtail peaks of Annapurna. The journey ends in Nepal’s plains and jungle “Terai”, where you spend four days in Chitwan National Park, where you can enjoy the thrill of the safari and relax.

9 Days Mongol Explorer (Season: May-October)This tour lets you discover Mongolia’s legendary world of nomadic adventure, ancient culture and otherworldly beauty. Explore monasteries and museums in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, ride camels through sand dunes, and spot fossils on flaming cliffs. Stay in a luxurious traditional yurt, meet the hospitable locals, and experience a timeless lifestyle.

Three Camels

Three CamelsThree Camels

12 Days Explore Rajasthan, India (Season: September-March))With its magnificent forts and palaces, Rajasthan is the legendary land of Indian Maharajas. This tour takes you through the fascinating state of Rajasthan, with experiences that showcase its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and sustainable practices. The itinerary begins with a visit to Jaipur, the bustling state capital known for its palaces and bustling markets, from where participants venture into rural areas to visit traditional villages and experience the way of life of the locals. The itinerary includes visits to iconic sites such as the majestic Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and the exquisite Lake Palace in Udaipur. Along the way, you’ll take part in meaningful activities such as wildlife conservation and eco-friendly initiatives to promote sustainable practices and support local communities. By participating in a tour, visitors can deeply immerse themselves in the culture while contributing to conservation efforts for future generations.



Beyond Green also offers self-drive road trips for travelers looking for unforgettable adventures with minimal impact on the environment. A “California Road Trip” is a scenic itinerary covering some of the most dramatic roads in the United States. Head north from Southern California’s picturesque Laguna Beach, through Big Sur, San Francisco and Napa Valley, all the way to the Nevada border. Along the way, stop at five Beyond Green sustainable hotels and resorts in California and Nevada to experience the beauty of the West Coast while minimizing your environmental impact. In addition, travelers wishing to explore Europe will be able to savor the unique landscapes of each region when staying at Beyond Green’s luxury sustainable hotels such as Tuscany, Piedmont, Lake Garda and the Dolomites in Italy , history, culture and cuisine. available plans.

Post Ranch InnPost Ranch Inn

Post Ranch InnPost Ranch Inn

Beyond Green has launched a new electronic directory that provides easy access to member hotels, resorts and inns around the world. Find details about each hotel’s unique amenities, experiences and commitment to sustainability.

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About Beyond Green

Beyond Green offers a global portfolio of hotels, resorts and lodges, demonstrates leadership in sustainability and is passionate about transforming tourism into a force for good. In order to more purposefully explore the world where “good guests” and “good hosts” meet, the three pillars of sustainable tourism: “excellence in ecological operations” and “preservation of natural and cultural heritage” provide a series of hotels dedicated to ” Contribute to the social and economic development of local communities”. To become a member hotel, hotels are judged against more than 50 indicators that meet the global sustainable tourism standards and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Beyond Green is a brand owned and operated by Preferred Travel Group, a family-owned and operated global travel and hospitality brand that includes Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Historic Hotels of America, Historic Hotels Worldwide and PTG Consulting. True hospitality to the earth. For more information, visit

About Preferred Travel Group

Preferred Travel Group, owned and operated by the Uberus family, is the parent company of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Historic Hotels of America, Historic Hotels Worldwide, PTG Consulting and Beyond Green Travel, with more than 1,100 hotels and resorts in 80 countries. Brands that our global portfolio also includes destination management and tourism operations. With more than 275 experienced travel professionals in 35 countries, the company works with independent hotels, hospitality companies and destinations globally through branding, sales, integrated marketing, revenue management, integrated distribution services and consulting. With a brand promise of “Believe in Travel,” the company firmly believes in the power of travel to enrich people’s lives and create change and greater inclusion. For more information, visit

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