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Known as the Treasure Island for its shimmering beauty and natural blue lagoons, the Maldives is often considered the most beautiful island destination in the world. Here, you don’t get from one place to another by car, but by boat and seaplane. With all its beauty and natural archipelago, there’s a lot to see and do in this country criss-crossed by has Best places to try in the Maldives.

Best places and experiences in the Maldives


The experience begins in the country’s capital. For its size and population, Male is a thriving city, with the country’s main international airport located right next to the city. It is also a major destination for tourists.

The place is adorned with Maldivian culture and heritage. Several large market streets sell authentic local delicacies. The Grand Friday Mosque and Rasrani Bageecha are some of the finest architectural sites in the Maldives.

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A little trace of the Maldivian treasury can be found in the National Museum. This place is a great place to learn about Maldivian culture and millennia of history.


Continuing from Male Atoll, visitors can explore Hulhumale. This is something you don’t usually see in Maldives landscape photos. Hulhumale is a thriving city that straddles the Male Atoll.

The reclaimed city has its own man-made beach and plenty of dining and hotel options. Hulhumale isn’t really about the luscious blue water experience. It’s more of a mix of modern culture and island culture, and you can experience it all without being completely off-net. Another great place for tourists is the seaside promenade. The long walkways around the perimeter of the island are sure to enchant anyone.

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Unexpectedly, a tourist destination with a developed tourism industry like the Maldives has an alternative destination. Yet that is exactly the case with the Maafushi Islands.

The island is unlike any of its neighbors. There aren’t any high-end hotels or resorts. There isn’t even a dedicated tourist trail here.

Maafushi is where you come to experience laid-back and authentic island living. The island is still recovering from the devastating 2014 tsunami that wiped out the island’s main source of income, the fishing system.

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Now tourists can come here to visit fishing villages and taste fresh and authentic seafood delicacies. There are also a few family cafes on the island. Overall, it’s a nice relaxing getaway.


Known as the seat of the great Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu, Utheemu is famous not only for its long white sandy beaches and palm trees.Sultan Muhammad is a revered figure in the island nation for driving out foreign invaders in the early 16th centuryday century. His brave legend is still fondly remembered.

The Utime Islands are located in the northernmost atoll of the island nation. Although it’s a bit out of the way of the main cluster, it gives visitors an off-grid experience. There are two main ways to reach Utheemu – by boat or by seaplane.

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Feydhoo is without a doubt the most well-planned island structure in all of the Maldives. But it wasn’t always like this place. In fact, the island wasn’t even inhabited until World War II.

During the war, British forces used nearby Gan Island as a strategic base. About 1000 residents moved to Feydhoo, they were the first people of this picturesque island.

Feydhoo offers several resorts ranging from budget accommodation to 5 star resorts. Like Maafushi, Feydhoo is also known for its beautiful beaches and rich seafood cuisine.

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banana reef

The Maldives has been known as the world’s premier honeymoon destination for a long time. But recently, that has changed with the launch of different experiences and adventures on different islands in the country.

The first is Banana Reef. Coral Island is known for only one thing – scuba diving. In fact, you won’t find many establishments here other than diving and gear rentals. This is a great place to enjoy Maldivian products from the bottom of the sea.


If you want to truly get lost in the vastness of the Indian Ocean, then Fuvahmulah is your best bet. The island is located on the westernmost point of the Maldives mainland and has its own atoll. Even by taking the fastest speedboat, it takes several hours to reach Fuvahmulah.

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Fuvahmulah is located on the equator, which means the region has a humid climate year-round. This is the perfect destination for a winter visit.

Ali Martha Islands

The Alimatha Islands offer visitors the best of both worlds. Here you will see luxurious resorts as well as some of the best scuba diving spots in the Maldives.

There are beautiful white sand beaches along the eastern end of the island. Alimatha Island is the last island of Felidhe Atoll. The inexplicable beauty of the water and salty mist will captivate anyone.

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stay away from us

Kuredu Island is the traditional representative of Maldives. From scuba diving spots and retreats to world-famous sea huts, Guli has it all. I mean no wonder it is called the beauty of Lhaviyani Atoll.

Getting to Kuredu is also easy. Just hop on any seaplane or speedboat departing from Hulhumale. You will reach Kuredu in no time.

final words

The Maldives is an island country through and through. This is a quintessential destination, mixing tradition and modernity. The country has long been a top choice for honeymooners as it offers a more relaxing and tranquil experience. Since the last century, the country has developed steadily and is centered on tourism. Whether it’s its hospitable people, first-class amenities, or breathtaking ocean views, this country is like no other.

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In this article, we discussed The most amazing sights and craziest things to do in the Maldives. So when are you planning your next trip?


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