Best Ice-type Pokemon Designs Ranked

Ice-type Pokemon haven’t always been the best with some players Pokemon franchise. There was a time when there weren’t that many pure ice types to use in combat, and the monsters available didn’t have the best coverage. But as new generations passed and more pure and dual types were added, Ice has become a formidable force, especially when fighting Dragon-type Pokémon.

Best of all, Ice-type Pokemon have some of the most creative designs Pokemon franchise. The sources of inspiration for this genre are somewhat limited, but there are dozens of mythical creatures, natural phenomena, and animals from cold climates.

10 Mammoth Wayne

The Mamoswine was based on the woolly mammoth, as was the rest of its evolutionary line, continuing the boar-like appearance, nose and build. It may not look like it, but Mamoswine’s ivory is made of ice, as highlighted in its Pokedex entry. diamond and pearl.exist shieldthis feature of Mamoswine was further expanded, revealing that its ice teeth grow as the weather cools

Mamoswine’s design is directly related to its name. It takes a different route, one that is not too closely related to elephants, the ancient ancestors of mammoths.

9 bacchus sword

Baxcalibur Official Artwork

Known as the Ice Dragon Pokemon, Baxcalibur’s design is quite literal with its name, as it has a sturdy ice ax on its back. It is tall and large in stature, resembling a monster of the Japanese kaiju type. Along with creatures like Angelus and Gamera, giant monsters like Godzilla also call the genre their home.

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However, Baxcalibur isn’t actually that big compared to other Pokémon. At 6 feet tall, it’s much smaller than Pokémon such as Eternal at 65 feet tall, or Waillord at 47 feet. Still, Baxcalibur resembles Kaiju-type giant monsters and dinosaurs such as Dinosaurs. Spinosaurus or Stegosaurus, Related to the plate on its back and the hexagonal shape of the chest leading to the tail.

8 Alora Salsa

Alora Salsa

Kanto Sand Slash is a purely earth attribute, while Alola Sand Slash has dual ice/steel attributes. Both are known as Mouse Pokémon, and both variants are based on armored animals such as pangolins and armadillos. Sandslash borrowed its spines from porcupines, which use barbs to protect themselves from predators.

Aroran Sandslash builds on this concept further by adapting it to the Ice/Steel type. It might not look like it, but there are steel spikes under the icicles on its back, making this Pokémon deadlier than its Kandon counterparts. According to the Pokédex entry in the Pokédex, instead of digging the ground with claws, Aloran Sasha uses them to carve out a path in the snow. sword.

7 Kubujo

Cubcoo Official Artwork

Cubchoo is clearly based on a polar bear cub, but with one glaring difference: It has a sickeningly cute snot hanging from its nose. Slime has something to do with the cold environment it’s in and its nature as a small Pokémon.

This design choice is critical to Cubcoo’s functionality.When it’s uncomfortable, its slime becomes watery, and its ice-type moves are less powerful, just as its Black Pokédex entry.exist white, to further elaborate on this. When Cubchoo is healthy, its snot is sticky and its ice moves are powerful.

6 Alola Six Tails

Alola six tails official art

Alola Sixtails, known as the Fox Pokémon, makes regional jumps from fire-type to ice-type. It is the same size as its Canotonia counterpart, but is pure white, with ice blue claws, eyes, and ears. The tail of Alora Sixtails looks more like a large piece of fur than a separate tail, and takes on the appearance of powdery snow.

This regional variation of the six-tailed species may be based on the arctic fox, which, as described by National Geographic, has solid white/blue-gray fur that acts as camouflage during the colder months. Likewise, the coloration of the Alora hexapod helps it blend into its Mount Lanakira habitat.

5 aurora

Official Aurorus Artwork

The design of Aurorus was done purposely by designer Hitoshi Ariga to match the evolution line of Tyrantrum. Aurorus is based on sauropod dinosaur dinosaurs were called Armagaron, whose ice typing is shown through a frosty blue palette, and whose body and forehead are lined with diamonds of crystallized ice.These crystals expel icy air, as written in the book x Pokédex entry.

The main feature of Aurorus’ design is the sail-like appendages around its head that match those of Aurorus Armagaron. In this case, they are intended to represent the natural phenomenon known as the Northern Lights.this sword The Pokédex entry for Oroloth states that its howl summons the aurora in the night sky.

4 Froslas

Froslas Official Artwork

At first glance, Froslas doesn’t look too threatening. But when looking closely at its design and noticing that it has no legs, Vroslas is quite a creepy Pokémon.According to the entry for this Pokémon in the Pokedex moon, Froslass is the result of a woman’s soul possessing an icicle, feeding on the soul of a man. This has something to do with the Japanese legend of the Yuki-onna, a spirit who preyed on travelers lost in a snowstorm.

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Froslass’ design fits the myth of the Snow Maiden, as it is the ghost of a woman. Like its evolutionary counterpart Glalie, it takes the form of a sentient piece of ice.

3 Gracion

Official Glaceon Artwork

Unlike its Sinnoh Eeveelution counterpart, Leafeon, Glaceon’s design ties to its Ice-typing are less obvious. Its light and dark blue colors are related to the icy environment it needs to evolve. Compared to other Eeveelutions, it’s a little blurry. However, the triangles and lines of the Glaceon design resemble ice crystals and shards.

Of course, it gets its name from the glacier. The whole design is very understated, but still beautiful and attractive. Glaceon produces snow the same as ice.

2 dog bag

chein pao

Jianbao is one of the four treasures found in the Bajie area, alongside Hejian, Tinglu and Chiyu.According to its Pokédex entry Purple, It is a manifestation of the hatred of those who were slain by the sword long ago. While the “Sword of a Sword” is reminiscent of a mountain lion, its design is more like a snow leopard or a prehistoric animal. saber-toothed tiger, also known as the saber-toothed tiger. The sword leopard’s elongated body is also related to the weasel.

Like the other Treasures of Ruin, Sword of Sword was likely inspired by the “Four Woes” ​​in Chinese mythology. Qiongqi and TaowuThe latter was described as a tiger “covered in dog hair”, Hong Kong travel guide Localiiz reported.

1 Alola Nine Tails

Alola nine tails official illustration

Like the two variants of Six Tails, Candonia and Alola Nine Tails are known as Fox Pokémon. Unlike the Kanto Kyuubi’s sometimes vengeful nature, this regional Pokémon possesses a calm demeanor according to its Pokédex entry. moonand was apparently once revered as a god.

This can be seen in the ethereal design of Alola Nine Tails, whose furry tails, and the fur flowing from its head, almost look like an elf. The prototype of Arolan Nine Tails may be the Hawaiian snow goddess Poli’ahu (Poli’ahu) and the Firefox in Finnish mythology. The latter is said to have “lashed snow crystals into the sky” with its flaming tail, setting the sky on fire.

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