Best breakfast ramen in southern Japan? Try Fukuoka’s Super Convenient Morning Ramen – SoraNews24 -News from Japan-

Best breakfast ramen in southern Japan? Try Fukuoka’s Super Convenient Morning Ramen – SoraNews24 -News from Japan-

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The perfect place to have your last or first meal in the ramen capital of southern Japan.

Generally speaking, Hand-Pulled Noodle It is not considered breakfast in Japan. Across the country, you’ll see college students and office workers eating lunch at their local ramen shop, all kinds eating ramen for dinner, and even nightclubbers and bar revelers gobbling down a bowl of ramen for a late-night snack. But most would say that ramen is a little too much for breakfast, both in terms of flavor intensity and satiety.

However, we at SoraNews24 say that if you’ve traveled all the way to Japan, it’s only natural to crave ramen first thing in the morning, especially if you’re in Fukuokaused to be the best ramen town in the country.

So today we’re going to one of the best places in Fukuoka for breakfast ramen.

located on the basement level Hakata Station (the main railway junction in downtown Fukuoka) is the restaurant part of the complex, named Hakata 1st Street, where there are many restaurants specializing in local cuisine.Many restaurants don’t open until around 11, but Yijia Society Fukuoka ramen starts at 8 o’clock.

▼ Yijiashe

Opening so early and being right at Hakata Station makes Ichikosha a very convenient place to grab one last bowl of Fukuoka ramen in your belly before you leave town for the next stop on your Japan travel itinerary , or if you’re craving your first bowl of Fukuoka ramen and just hit town via an early morning or overnight approach.

We started queuing as soon as Ikkosha opened that day, but there was already a long line. Still, the flow of customers in and out seemed pretty quick, so we wandered over to the touchscreen terminal to purchase our meal tickets.

We could have ordered Ikkosha’s standard Pork Broth Hakata Ramen, but the screen says they also have a special Asari Morning Ramen. Speaking of food, Asari A light taste and clean aftertaste was described, so, out of curiosity, we settled for a ¥630 ($4.70) bowl of Assari Morning Ramen, with an extra ¥130 kikurage mushroom topping.

As we expected, it didn’t take long for our seats to be opened for us. We sat down, handed the meal ticket to the staff, and poured a glass of water from the self-service tap…

In less than a minute, our breakfast ramen was in front of us!

Ikkosha’s Morning Ramen comes standard in addition to the complementary kikurage we ordered Barbecued Pork and Niji (scallions). Following the proper ramen tasting procedure, we start with the broth.

Ikkosha’s Morning Ramen is not a cloudy whole pork bone soup, but a relatively clear mixed pork bone and soy sauce soup.That doesn’t mean it lacks flavor, though, because Sipping a spoonful immediately provides us with a succulent deliciousness.

As much as we love tonkotsu ramen, even its loyal fans will tell you that it sometimes has a strong, unpleasant smell. However, Ikkosha’s morning ramen does not have this smell, so the first thing in the morning is to eat ramen, and you don’t have to worry about smelling it all day long.

next is noodles. These are also traditional Fukuoka style, straighter and stronger than what you’ll find in most other parts of Japan. Add to that their smooth surface texture and we can’t say enough good things about them.

The kikurage and negi are also high quality, adding some crunchy texture, Last but not least, the char siu is outstanding, tender and juicy.

Oh, remember how we said Ikkosha has such a quick flow of customers in and out? It’s not just because of the quick service from the staff, but because their ramen is so good that many diners, including us, gobble it up with lightning speed.

It should be noted that there are also restaurants serving pre-lunch ramen in Fukuoka Airport. However, they don’t open until 10, which makes it hard to squeeze in a ramen breakfast, and there’s absolutely nothing they can do to solve your noodle craving crisis if you don’t fly out or arrive in Fukuoka.

Really, we think the only potential downside to going to Ikkosha for breakfast is that it might feel like your day is too early, but that’s an opportunity we’re willing to take.

restaurant information
Yijiashe (Hakata First Street)
Address: B-11, Hakata First Street, Central Street, Hakata Station, Hakata District, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
B-11, Hakata First Avenue, 1-1 Central Street, Hakata Station, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
Open 8am-9pm

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