‘Best and Worst’ – Passengers Fly Lion Air Before Boarding Singapore Airlines First Class: ‘World’s Most Dangerous Airline’

SINGAPORE: Travel vlogger Ben Morris recently decided to get the worst to best flight experience, saying he wanted to “start at the bottom” before experiencing the top.

So Mr Morris googled “world’s most dangerous airline” and found Jakarta-based Lion Air, which has an average rating of 3 out of 10 based on customer reviews on Skytrax.

Then, for a truly unique experience, he flew Singapore Airlines’ first-class service flight, the Singapore Suite.Since the excellent quality of Singapore suites has been mentioned herelet’s take a look at Mr. Morris’ Lion Air experience, shall we?

“I think it’s only fair that in order to experience the best, I need to experience the worst,” he said at the beginning of the video, which has now racked up more than 200,000 views.

He booked a flight to Denpasar to return to Bali.

“I’ve flown Ryanair, Wizz Air. Could it have gotten any worse?” he asked, then thoughtfully, “Probably.”

Mr Morris then set out to find out if the situation was as bad as “as described in the report”.

Boarding went smoothly, and the blogger observed that the plane was full, but so far everything seems normal.

His first impressions were “not bad” and the seats were surprisingly comfortable, albeit a bit “hard”.

But when we next see him, he’s concerned that the seatbelt sign hasn’t gone off, even though they’ve been in the air for a while, and everyone seems to have passed out, so there might be something in there. Air.

Mr Morris admitted he felt paranoid when everything was perfectly normal until he checked the bathroom and found an unknown fluid gathering in front of the toilet. To make matters worse, there’s something in the toilet, which he’s politely pixelated.

Back in his seat, he noticed news reports that the airline was exhausting pilots and falsifying pilots’ credentials, which he didn’t want to think too much about.

Needless to say, after the bumpy landing, he was excited to look forward to a very different experience with Singapore Airlines. /TISG

“It’s not an airplane seat, it’s an airplane seat. It’s a hotel room in the sky” – YouTuber raves about Singapore Airlines’ first-class suite

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