Beijing Premium Okra 1949 has a Hong Kong brother: Okra Kitchen

Whenever someone asks me my favorite Japanese restaurant in Beijing, I think of Okra 1949 in Hidden City. It’s the perfect place to take your loved ones, best friends or visitors for a casual, high-quality Japanese meal paired with sake and cocktails. Imagine my excitement when I found out that Okra had a Hong Kong sibling (also run by chef Max Levy in Hong Kong’s trendy Sai Ying Pan).

Hong Kong izakaya Okra Kitchen has only been open for more than a year, and the business is booming. Dim lighting creates a cozy atmosphere with a bar downstairs, tables for couples and more seating upstairs. We recommend going with two as it can be a bit awkward for more than two to sit at the bar.

The menu has a different concept than the one at the Beijing store; the smaller menu will make you step out of your comfort zone a bit and try things you wouldn’t otherwise try. Dishes are divided into two parts, side A is a smaller plate and side B is a larger plate. Between the two plates, we were satisfied with three smaller plates and two larger plates.

fried fish

A favorite is the fried fish with chicken (wild yellowtail from the Sea of ​​Japan, served with crystal chili sauce and daikon radish, HK$258, about 230 yuan), which remains moist and smooth inside despite its crispy exterior. The combination of daikon radish and crystal hot sauce lends a tangy flavor to the dish, leaving you craving for the next bite. This dish alone is worth remembering.


Another dish that exceeded my already high expectations was the Roast Beef Love (grass-fed black Angus chuck tail flap and burnt olive oil soy sauce, 208 Hong Kong dollars, about 185 yuan), and tender meat slices with grilled Garlic, as a pickled radish. Like the Beijing store, homemade tofu is also on the menu (nigari sai farm tofu costs 98 Hong Kong dollars, about 87 yuan).

We recommend booking in advance as the restaurant is small but popular. You can call +852 2806 1038 or email The best way to get there is to take the Island Line MTR to Sai Ying Pun and turn left at Exit A1.

Gumbo Kitchen
Open Mon-Fri 12pm-4pm, Mon-Wed 6pm-11:30pm, Thurs-Sat 6pm-late. 110 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong (+852 2806 1038)
G/F, 110 Queen’s Road West, Hong Kong

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