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Become a Tezos baker in partnership with Korea DSRV TZ APAC | TZ APAC Pte Ltd Press Release

TZ APAC, one of the leading recruiting agencies in Asia supporting the Tezos ecosystem, announced that the Korean company DSRV has entered the Tezos blockchain as a baker. By officially becoming a baker, DSRV will now validate transactions (blocks) and add them to the Tezos ecosystem.

DSRV is a validator with a deep understanding of the blockchain, enabling nascent blockchain networks to be sustainable proof-of-work mechanisms that require 2 million times less energy than proof-of-work mechanisms. We provide the infrastructure to achieve stake consensus.

As a Korean blockchain entity, DSRV received seed investment from Naver D2SF in 2020, and attracted Series A investment from KB Investment and Samsung NEXT in May this year. DSRV serves as the technical advisory board and node operator for Terra, Celo, CODA, NEAR, Flow, and Polkadot. He was also appointed as a DAO validator for the LIDO protocol, the representative project of Ethereum 2.0.

DSRV CEO Kim Ji-yoon said: “DSRV wants to be a partner who thinks about the overall expansion of the blockchain industry ecosystem, and partners and customers who share our vision. We believe that the Tezos ecosystem is healthy. I will contribute to making it a permanent thing.”

The Tezos blockchain uses a consensus algorithm based on the Liquidity Proof of Stake (LPoS) mechanism. Block creators, known as “bakers,” are responsible for validating transactions, securing the network, and voting on major network upgrades.

Julian Lo, Head of Business Development, Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, TZ, said: “We are very excited about our partnership with DSRV and advancing the sustainability agenda in Southeast Asia. This is a huge growth region and one of the key drivers that TZ Asia Pacific is driving Early adopters of blockchain in the region.”

With the official operation of the DSRV baking node, Tezos plans to accelerate sustainable technology development cooperation in South Korea and the Asia-Pacific region. DSRV will provide a domestic network for the cooperative development of the Tezos protocol, and will jointly develop blockchain infrastructure services with Tezos in the future.

Tezos has more than 400 validators around the world, among which Coinbase, Ledger, Ubisoft, Exaion and other internationally renowned companies are corporate bakers. Tezos is also expanding its DeFi ecosystem, including ERC-20 bridges for cross-chain utilities, low gas prices, liquidity mining protocols, and emerging AMM platforms. Game developers, record labels, sports associations, central banks, and more all rely on Tezos. Major companies currently using Tezos for blockchain activities include China’s BSN, ERX, and Sygnum Bank.

TZ APAC provides services such as capital deployment, resource development, strategic consulting, project management, and marketing and strategic communications designed to enable businesses and individuals to harness the power of the Tezos blockchain. I’m here.

About DSRV

DSRV is a blockchain infrastructure company based in Seoul, South Korea that connects and supports the top 20 blockchain networks in partnership with the most influential people in the blockchain community. DSRV’s mission is to lead sustainable growth by making the crypto industry more accessible. In order to make the blockchain more accessible, such as one-stop solutions for operating multi-chain nodes on multiple blockchain networks, and digital asset management services that allow staking from multiple networks from a single platform, build integrated multi-chain The solutions and services of two blockchains are combined into one. DSRV is the easiest way to access blockchain services, allowing all blockchains to process with more control and less binding.

About Tengen Asia Pacific

TZ APAC Pte. Ltd. (TZ APAC) is a leading blockchain adopter in Asia supporting the Tezos ecosystem. TZ APAC works closely with blockchain experts and other stakeholders in the Tezos ecosystem to design value-added blockchain transformation strategies for businesses and creators with a bottom-up approach. TZ APAC is headquartered in Singapore and is supported by the Tezos Foundation.


Catherine Ying | Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific, TZ

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