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Tony Roma’s “Pseudo Food Tour” in partnership with the Philippine Tourism Board!
Period: June 1 (Thu) to 30 (Fri), 2023
Holding store: Tony Roma Roppongi store

At Tony Roma’s Roppongi store, a restaurant specializing in American barbecue ribs, the menu (1 food, 1 drink) arranges popular local food in the Philippines in the style of Tony Roma, called “MEET PHILIPPINES”. Will be held in June A menu sale event will be held from the 1st (Thursday) to the 30th (Friday).

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The “MEET PHILIPPINES” campaign realized through cooperation with the Philippine Department of Tourism is a simulated trip to the Philippines, a gourmet experience through a menu full of local flavors of the Philippines, just one step ahead of the revival of the Philippines Overseas travel and to various tourist destinations. It was planned from the idea that I would like In addition, this collaboration item has changed the menu irregularly since last April.

This time at “MEET PHILIPPINES”, we will offer a new rib menu “Rib Adobo” that arranges Tony Roma’s proud original rib as adobo, a typical Filipino home-cooked dish. Enjoy the texture of tender pork ribs carefully braised with pickled onion sauce. For drinks, we prepared “Virgin Mango Pina Colada”, a chilled non-alcoholic cocktail with mango mixed with pina colada, pineapple juice and mango.

One bite and you’ll feel like you’re on a trip to the Philippines. Enjoy the simulated experience of Tony Roma’s overseas travel to the Philippines.

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Rib Adobo

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Virgin Mango Pina Colada

“Tony Roma” Roppongi
Overview of Philippine Department of Tourism cooperation menu activities

◇ Event name:
meet philippines

◇ Period:
June 1st (Wed) to 30th (Wed) 2023

◇ Content:
Sells food and drinks paired with local Filipino food
・”Rib Adobo” 1,700 yen
・”Virgin Mango Pina Colada” 880 yen
*All prices include tax

◇ Holding store:
Tony Roma Roppongi Store (5-4-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo / TEL 03-3408-2748)

◇ Tony Rome homepage



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