Bangkok itinerary designed for Westlife based on their songs

Bangkok itinerary designed for Westlife based on their songs

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The iconic Irish boy band, who sang classics like “Swear Again,” “My Love” and “If I Let You Go,” will perform their second concert at the Impact Arena next week.we have this tradition here asian fashion Make itineraries for visiting celebrities, so of course we had to do one for Westlife. From Phang Nga Bay to taxi scams, here’s what we think boys can do while visiting the kingdom.

Westlife itinerary based on their songs

Island Hopping in Phang Nga Bay, “Across the Ocean, Coast to Coast”

Image credit: engin aykurt/Unsplash

Known for its beautiful cliffs, scattered greenery and iconic James Bond Island, Phang Nga Bay is a destination we think the boys will love. A little R&R before or after a concert is a must, and spending some time cruising the yacht while taking in the views of Phang Nga Bay will certainly do the trick. Swim, water ski, and maybe take a stroll along the beach. Maybe they could even reprise the “If I Let You Go” music video.

“We had fun, we had fun, we had (four) seasons in the sun” so enjoy Four Seasons Bangkok

We don’t know where the kids will be staying while they’re here, but if we could take the liberty of recommending one place, it’s Four Seasons Bangkok. With its stunning riverside views, luxurious facilities and numerous dining options such as Riva Del Fiume and Yu Ting Yuan, this is definitely a good hotel to stay in the city. Still, if everything’s booked up for them, it’s still worth visiting Four Seasons, whether it’s for a drink at the BKK Social Club, a meal and a game of petanque at the Brasserie Palmier.

“Again I’m Thinking About Taking Shortcuts.” Here’s What Happens When You Get a Thai Massage

Image credit: Conscious Design/Unsplash

I’m not saying Thai massage is bad. But if you go to a proper place with trained masseurs, they have very strong hands and knead the muscles like soft dough. Depending on whether or not these individuals have previous experience with Thai massage, they may find that they may want to leave after a few minutes. But it’s good pain, so we hope they take it. They did say they were “too shy to ask” and “too proud to lose” so they definitely don’t ask the masseuse to take it easy and don’t want to succumb to the pain.

Get in a taxi and get scammed ‘another idiot’

Image Credit: Markus Winkler/Pixabay

Remember hailing a cab instead of hailing it through Grab? Remember how drivers sometimes pretended to be lost and ran to the meters while others charged ridiculous prices to uninformed tourists? We’re not saying we want these people to be ripped off… well, sort of. It’s part of the Bangkok experience. We expected them to enjoy a 1,000 baht taxi trip, only to be taken to a jewelry store instead. Only then can these people truly say they have the authentic Bangkok experience.

Buying Thai designer merchandise for their partners will make them go “should I leave you now when you look like that?”

Photo credit: Siam Center

Everyone has their own partner, which makes traveling the world a bit bittersweet. It’s hard to be away from your special someone for a long time. As compensation, they can give it back with souvenirs. And what better souvenir than a stylish item from a talented Thai designer?The best place to shop is Absolute Siam in Siam Center, where everything from bags to I am so sorry phone case.

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