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BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE and PSYCHIC FEVER will make a special appearance at the online concert “Thailand Festival 2022” hosted by the Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo on Sunday, May 15 at 14:30 JST. It is said that it is not common for Japanese artists to appear at the same event.

The concert “T-Pop Stage Show: Thai Festival in Japan 2022 Special Episode” was produced in cooperation with “Thai Festival” held for a month in May and the Thai music program “T-Pop Stage Show”. Free distribution on Facebook and YouTube. At the collaboration press conference between LDH JAPAN and Thai music label High Cloud Entertainment held today, it was announced that two groups will appear at the event.

“Thailand Festival 2022”

Masahiro Sunada of BALLISTIK BOYZ commented, “We are honored and happy to be part of such a wonderful event with a long history. Our personalities, the colors and style of our team, and our dreams and determination. I would like to perform the representative song “Animals” 》, in order to communicate.”

Next, WEESA of PSYCHIC FEVER said, “Thanks for giving us this opportunity, we will perform ‘Hotline’. I will do my best to provide the charm and performance unique to PSYCHIC FEVER. ‘Hotline’ has,Please enjoy the catchy lines and choreography together. “

Other performers include Thai pop stars and STAMP, invited guest SKY-HI, and T-POP’s #1 regular band Tilly Birds. Ingvarantong Paoning, known as the queen of synthpop, 4MIX, which is popular in Latin America, 4EVE, a seven-member girl group from a talent show, and the new Internet celebrity Bell Warissara will all appear. In addition, actor Ice Paris (“Genius Genius Series” and others) and “F4 Thailand” co-stars Bright Vachirawit and Diu Jirawat, Win Methawin and Nani Hirankrit will also appear.

Reports on the press conference for the collaboration between LDH JAPAN and High Cloud Entertainment will be published on SPICE at a later date.

Interview and text by Minami Kawai Photography by Yuki Ohashi

event information

“Thailand Festival 2022”

Time: May 1 (Sunday) to May 31 (Tuesday)

Theme: T-POP

● “T-POP Stage Performance Concert: Japan Thailand Festival 2022 Special Edition”

May 15th (Sunday) Thailand time 12:30-14:00 / Japan time 14:30-16:00
Live Online from Thailand

●Dance Challenge Project
from the end of April
Exclusive videos from Thai and Japanese artists and influencers
● T-POP history introduction video

from the end of April
● “Neighborhood Thai Food” and “Neighborhood Thai Market” events

May 1st (Sunday) to May 31st (Tuesday)
A campaign to enjoy Thai food and Thai products conveniently and casually near you, and to facilitate online shopping.
Purpose: To spread Thai pop music online to everyone in Japan through T-POP, and introduce Thai culture, lifestyle and charm of Thailand. To further strengthen the close relationship between Thailand and Japan by making Thai food and products more familiar.

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