Bali governor bans tourists from climbing mountains due to bad behavior

Bali governor bans tourists from climbing mountains due to bad behavior

Some mountainous areas in Bali may soon be off-limits to tourists after a series of incidents involving tourists misbehaving, the island’s governor said.

Wayan Koster reportedly said the rule, effective immediately, would ban international and domestic tourists from activities such as hiking and mountaineering CNN.

The decision covers about 22 mountains, including Mount Batur and Mount Agung, which are popular landmarks.

“These mountains are sacred and revered. If their sanctity is compromised, it would demean the sanctity of Bali,” said Mr Coster, who has served as Bali’s governor since 2018 and first proposed the ban earlier this year. explain.

Local residents will also be banned from certain activities, but Mr Coster said they would be allowed up the mountain to attend “religious ceremonies or respond to natural disasters”.

There was no indication what punishment would be for those breaking the rules, but Bali has previously deported and barred foreigners from returning if they caused problems.

Despite Bali’s governor’s announcement, Tourism Minister Sandiaga Unoi said the proposal was “still under discussion with regional officials”. Local councils will need to approve any decisions.

independent Contacted Bali Tourism for more information.

For years, the Indonesian island has struggled with overtourism and unruly travelers. Last month, officials considered imposing a tourism tax to deter “cheap tourists who tend to cause a lot of problems”.

Back in 2019, after an Instagram-worthy couple was photographed pouring holy water at a temple, Mr Coster called on authorities to “send them home”.

Earlier this year, a Russian man apologized after posing half-naked at a holy site, and in a separate incident, a Russian woman was deported for posing nude in front of a sacred tree.

The Bali Tourism Board previously announced it was considering measures to improve tourist behaviour, with ideas including a tourist brochure and billboards explaining what is considered acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

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