Avinash Vijay Sachdev becomes host of travel show!

Avinash Vijay Sachdev becomes host of travel show!

Actor Avinash Vijay Sachdev is one of the best actors of our time. He has brought us some of the most memorable shows of our time like “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Ek Baar Phir…, Choti Bahu and many more.

The actor has been keeping his life a secret, but those who know him know that he is very intelligent and adventurous. The actor is back on screen again, but this time as a presenter. Yes, you read that right, Avinash will be hosting a travel show, playing the role of “Guide” and “Host” for MP Tourism! From endless travel to getting sunburned, the actor had a pretty adventurous time filming for the film.

Talking about his experience, Avinash shared, “This was without a doubt one of the most difficult and adventurous shoots of my life. In this rare case, this shoot was a combination of GSI (Geological Survey of India) and MP Tours , which is truly the first of its kind. The whole concept of filming was to explain both Earth and human evolution at the same time”

He added: “I was amazed to have visited and explored 14 cities in the state in 16 days. Every day was a different experience. But we were filming for hours on end and it became very hectic because of the sunshine in MP Very harsh on the skin, caused my entire neck to get sunburned and peeled off my facial skin”

When asked how he did it, he shared, “I really talked myself into portraying reality on screen because I found it unbelievable at first. Traveling is something I really enjoy, so I’m interested in learning and Gaining knowledge about the Big Bang Theory generated great interest”

Talking about his journey and the harvest of the show, Avinash said, “During filming, I saw the evolution of the entire planet and humans, from lava to the formation of the earth, the formation of continents, and even the Great Himalayas, the evolution of humans from Hunters to farmers, at the same time as I saw all the evidence, we also saw fossilized dinosaur eggs, fossilized trees that were even older than the dinosaurs. So I have a bunch of memories to take back”

He concluded by sharing, “Our ancestors were incredibly talented and creative, and what they did helped us sustain the legacy we left here, and I hope we continue to do better things in this world, save the planet and preserve its beautiful”

On the professional side, in addition to the upcoming travel show on “Epic TV”. Avinash has some incredible projects in store for him, which will be announced soon.

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