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Autumn delivery of Sri Lanka’s oldest tea brand “George Steuart Tea”. A POP UP store opens in Grantree Musashi Kosugi! !

Autumn delivery of Sri Lanka’s oldest tea brand “George Steuart Tea”.  A POP UP store opens in Grantree Musashi Kosugi!  !

Period: September 16 (Fri) to September 29 (Thu), 2022

Venue: Grand Tree Musashikosugi 1F Marche Stage

Development content: sales of herbal tea, scented tea, spice tea and other teas
Business Hours: 10:00~21:00 (20:00 on the last day)
*The content of listed products and events may be changed or canceled without prior notice due to product schedules, administrative requirements, weather or other reasons.
*The number of products and gifts is limited.Excuse me for running out

★★★We plan to hold many pop-up stores after October★★★

【What is “George Stewart Tea”】

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■ Reliable quality produced in a “HACCP” certified factory and a flavor that even the British will fall in love with
Established in 1835, the oldest tea brand in Sri Lanka. It is known as a long-established company representing the country, and everything from pruning tea leaves to manufacturing is done locally. In the manufacturing process, we have obtained “HACCP” certification, which is a strict standard and specification for the management of food manufacturing process established by NASA for launching moon rockets. While preserving tradition, we aim to carry out quality control according to the latest international standards and maintain high quality. In 2010, on the 175th anniversary of the company’s establishment, it was presented to the British royal family and received a letter of thanks from Queen Elizabeth with a photo. In Japan, in 2014, under the recommendation of the Sri Lankan ambassador to Japan at the time, the old brand new brand started to be sold through authorized distributors in Japan.

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■ Adopted by many hotels and first-class business class of ANA international flights
All Nippon Airways (ANA) International First Class, Japan Airlines (JAL) Cherry Blossom VIP Lounge, etc. use the prestigious high-quality aroma, and the number of fans continues to increase.

・Hankyu Umeda
world tea festival
(May 17~21, 18)
・Tokyo Yurakucho Marui
(March 15~31, 22)
・JR Kyoto Isetan
(June 8~14, 22)
・Imperial Hotel Plaza Tokyo 3F
(June 10~July 31, 22)
and many others

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(5 major events in pop-up store only)
In this pop-up shop, we will prepare envelope-type sets suitable for inexpensive gifts, as well as luxurious tinned leaf gift boxes that are perfect for gifts. During this period, we will be holding many special events, such as “Tea 4 (for) you” events that can be purchased at special prices and collaborations with popular pastry shops.

Envelope type All 6 typesEnvelope type All 6 types

①Tea 4 You Activities

You can choose 4 of your favorite tea bags from a total of 6 envelope-shaped tea bags. We offer 1,080 yen (tax included) in any combination of 4 pieces. (equivalent to the highest list price of 1,400 yen including tax) *Including paper bag

・ 6 types of envelopes (white, black, blue, brown, red, green) 270 yen to 378 yen including tax
・Each envelope contains 5 types of tea bags.

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② Envelope-type combination gift campaign

If you purchase two leaf cans (1,080 yen each), you will receive a tea bag in the shape of an envelope of your choice.

25 leaf jars25 leaf jars

③ Instagram post event

If the product and sales area of ​​”George Steuart Tea” is tagged and posted, showing the posting screen will get 2 tea bags without exception.
*This item is only available for those who come to the store during the event.
“Georgesteuarttea” Official Instagram ▶▶▶

④ Collaboration with the popular dessert “Chouchourie”
During the period, purchase at the popular cake shop “Patisserie Susucrier” ( on the first floor of Musashi Kosugi Grand Tree, and you can get “gifts” such as spices, coloring agents, and preservatives. If you bring your voucher, you will receive a set of 2 tea bags as a gift.

⑤ Tea bag gift for customers with elementary school students or younger
During the period, we will give away a set of 2 tea bags to all customers who bring children under elementary school students to the sales area (only once per family during the period). I hope that hard-working parents can drink a cup of tea and take a break from the daily fatigue.

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