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Australian named CEO of Sri Lankan travel concierge

Sri Lanka Tourism Concierge has appointed Mark Snoxell from Exposure Downunder as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Since 2019, Snoxell has been representing Sri Lanka Travel Concierge in Australia and New Zealand through Exposure Downunder.

Laahiru Jayamanne, General Manager, Travel Concierge Sri Lanka, said Snoxell has been instrumental in driving The Travel Concierge to be future-ready, weathering the difficult times of the pandemic and enabling the company to drive tangible digital and sustainable projects.

“Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for Australians who are ready to dust off their passports, and this is a fantastic time,” Snossel said.

“I believe Sri Lanka is an absolute gem. This is an opportunity for agencies to demonstrate their value by tailoring a first class itinerary for their clients.

“It’s easy to book a well-known luxury property online. It’s another thing to get someone talking about a boutique hotel and an authentic experience.”

Asked what the most important thing to do in Sri Lanka post-COVID-19, Snossel said: “Support the locals. This week, an agent asked me what they could do to help the community. We work with locals all over the island , offering guests a diverse offering. The best thing anyone can do for Sri Lankans is to visit.”

As a pilot project, Sri Lanka has opened its borders to tourists from selected countries since April this year. During this time, Tourism Sri Lanka, together with the Ministry of Health, has established a framework for handling tourists during the pandemic, with particular focus on the safety of customers, staff and the community.

The Sri Lanka tourism industry has conducted a series of trainings for all involved in the industry, established a certification process for all relevant suppliers, and established an emergency response model for travelers in need of assistance.

Sri Lanka is now fully vaccinated with 63.91% of the population.

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