The 5 best Asian countries for solo travelers


Asia is always a beautiful continent full of turmoil and charm. If you’re intending to explore this exciting land alone, Asia Package Travel will tell you the list of 5 great destinations for your upcoming trip.


Have you ever thought that Myanmar is a good place to visit in Asia? Coming here, you have the chance to explore more than what it has been well-known for such as temples, old streets, and mysterious things. This country brings a peaceful space which is suitable for those who are looking for peace in mind.


You can visit Kalaw (Taunggyi, Shan State) which is home to tea fields and small villages. You can stay overnight here in unique lodges, visit farms and enjoy meals cooked by locals.

Many tourists traveled to Myanmar said that this beautiful country welcomed them with warmth, friendliness, and safety. When traveling alone, especially for women, the security is always the top priority. Therefore, this is one of the factors that makes Myanmar a perfect choice for solo travelers in Asia.


Cambodia is the land of the seductive beauty of the golden age in the past with its rich history and amazing architecture.

Cambodia is considered as the ideal destination for those planning to travel alone, partly because of its diversity. Coming here, you can choose to stay in Phnom Penh and enjoy the bustle of the city, the beauty of Angkor Wat at sunrise or the peaceful beaches in Sihanoukville. Moreover, Cambodia is highly appreciated about the security for tourists. Also, local people here are very friendly and are willing to help.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

If you’ve got a “weak heart”, you should consider before visiting some frightening destinations such as Toul Sleng Museum or the Pol Pot Killing Fields. In particular, you can come to the Royal Palace, the Russian Market or Silver Pagoda. A recommended destination is Battambang – Cambodia’s second largest city with breathtaking colonial architectures.


It will be deficient if we do not mention Vietnam in this list. Vietnam has a lot of things to explore, from nature, culture to cuisine. If you are into beaches, you should head to Da Nang, Nha Trang or Phu Quoc – the best choices for Vietnam tours. Hanoi and Hue are the places where you can learn more about the fascinating history of this country. The traditional foods there are worth trying.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam is also a country of diverse culture represented in their daily life, traditional festivals and customs. If you get the chance to travel there, do not miss the Tet holiday – the most important festival of Vietnamese people. It is a good opportunity for you to have a clear view of the interesting culture of this country.


Another country that you should not miss is Korean – the place that is associated with romantic films and countless beautiful scenery. Korea deserves one of the top destinations for traveling alone thanks to its tourism development. Coming here, you can easily find accommodation services, street foods or places to visit. Therefore, Korea will not make you fear of being lost.


Many young people in Korea can speak English, so in case you need help or get lost, they can give you a hand. Koreans are also well-known for their friendliness and enthusiasm. Whether you find the way to Gangcheon Mountain, Byeongpung Waterfall or the famous Jalgalchi Seafood market, the local people are always willing to help you. In particular, the subway system in Korea, especially in Seoul, Daejeon or Busan, is extremely easy to use with loudspeakers, bilingual English-Korean route, and well-signposted instructions. This is great for first-time visitors to Korea or those who travel alone.


Japan is a perfect choice for solo travelers not only due to its high level of security but also the countless things to do.  In Japan, “alone” is not a strange concept. Coming here, you can comfortably eat alone or go sightseeing alone because the Japanese people are very familiar with this lifestyle.

Japan has ramen restaurants in the form of the single counter (each diner will sit separately) which you can enjoy Japanese cuisine while experiencing their “alone” culture. Japan also provides ladies-only services about accommodation or vehicles for women who are solo travelers.

Although Japanese people are not good at foreign languages and sometimes you find it difficult to communicate with them, they are friendly and willing to help you anytime.

The thing that you should not miss when coming to Japan is to try hot spring bath (onsen). This is the traditional Japanese bathroom when you have to take all your clothes off before entering. For a person traveling alone, this experience will make you a little shy at first but it is enjoyable.

Someone said that “Every journey is a discovery”. Sometimes you want to make a trip with your friends no matter where you go, but sometimes you want a trip alone to challenge and discover the world yourself or just to find some quiet space. Do not be afraid! You will see that traveling alone does not mean you’re alone, it’s so interesting.

There are also a lot of exciting things waiting for you. Visit our website to find more. Asia Package Travel ensures to bring you the most unforgettable trip no matter when and where you go.