ASI will not renew the insurance in the country


On the occasion of the upcoming regional elections this October, Sister Berenice Bedoya Pérez, senator and president of the ASI political party, visited Valledupar to hold discussions with candidates for public office in Cesar and to hear proposals.

He also said that they have to tell the sitting MPs from the national committee, not only from the department but also from the national level, that the endorsement will not be endorsed.

“Law 1465 clearly states that due to the poor outcome of Congress, political parties are independent, and endorsements can be granted to them whether they are corporations or not, so we believe that no endorsement will be given to someone who already has an endorsement from Congressmen across the country. Not helping save legal status, I think when a person belongs to a political organization, you should help it grow,” the senator said.

He also noted that “the most important thing for any political organization is to retain membership, and with this step, it’s very important because it’s the Senate, we’re going to be able to make it happen, we’re going to be able to keep our membership Qualifications and when they get elected, we’re going to have these candidates. They’re MPs, governors, I mean the whole country, they’re going to hold the ASIS chair, they’re not going to hold borrowed seats like they used to,” Bedeau Ya pointed out.

Regarding his participation in Congress for the Cesar department, he stated that he was working on the territorial issue of a project that had been submitted and presented in the Fifth Committee.

“We know Cesar is agricultural, so by creating Licma, which means Qualified Livestock Agricultural Institute, it’s like the old Idema, before it helped our farmers get to the market, we wanted an institution that would help our farmers, ” emphasized Senator Bedoya.

As far as ASI’s Becerril City Councilor Javier Machado is concerned, he said that while it’s true that assurances haven’t been established, it’s important that the party chairperson has heard from all the candidates.

“We hope the party will give us the chance to run again because I believe we’ve been building and we want to build the country as the senator said it would and the party grows and thrives in our department,” the lobbyist said.

And Angélica Villalba, a mayoral candidate for the city of Asterea, was also present, seeking the support of political organizations to deepen her campaign on the basis of independence and abandoning the usual political hegemony.

She describes herself as a woman who wants to contribute to the city’s social fabric, working hand in hand with women, farmers, young people, mothers who head households, and the working class at large to boost the local economy.


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