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+ART GALLERY is proud to announce the first solo exhibition in Japan of NOMA, the artist who painted the Mona Lisa in the 21st century, “Contemporary People_Mona Lisa in the 21st Century”. |Plus Art Co., Ltd. press release

Japan Exhibition “Contemporary People_Mona Lisa in the 21st Century”

■About NOMA

From May 8, 2023 (Monday), we will invite the artist “NOMA”, who is based in Korea and the UK, to hold a series of exhibitions “Contemporary People_Mona Lisa in the 21st Century”.

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NOMA is an artist living in South Korea who mainly creates oil paintings.

He has published works centered on “Contemporary Man_Mona Lisa in the 21st Century”, not only in Korea but also in the European Union. Furthermore, his productions, such as collaborations with well-known groups, are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain worldwide.

Although he used oil paint in his creations, he used unique production methods such as using a gas burner.

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■ About “Contemporary People_Mona Lisa in the 21st Century”

his series title“Mona Lisa”is quotingDescribe who we are now (21st century). When da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, photography did not exist, so he was able to capture natural “light”, “shadow”, “shape”, “facial expression” and “beauty”. Observe carefully and study carefully. In addition, in pursuit of the freedom of artistic expression, we strike a balance between reality and artistic expression.Like da Vinci, NOMA expresses in his paintings the “inner reality” of 21st-century human beings.

Some works of this exhibitionSome works of this exhibition

By presenting it as a (modern) Mona Lisa for the 21st century, he aims to portray the human heart like da Vinci did.

His work has been acclaimed not only for its concept, but also for the expressiveness and operability of his artwork.

*Plus Art will interpret the information obtained through interviews with the artists themselves.

■NOMA statement

“Contemporaries_Mona Lisa in the 21st Century”

In order to live generally, we sometimes hide our true selves.

It’s like wearing a thick coat even in the hot summer.

Sometimes we wander, forgetting who we are and why we breathe the air in this space.

For modern people, yearning for a future that has never been experienced, or wanting to hope with unreal artificial light (such as LED), is like a mirage in the desert, which is difficult to realize. Target.

Moreover, although it is difficult for landscape painters to draw figures, they can express the essential desires and emotions of modern people through landscape paintings.

A nocturnal painter longs for total darkness.

They paint unexpressed human emotions, complex landscapes that are difficult to express.

Isn’t it because people (emotions) that cannot be captured in landscape paintings are ignored?

I paint not only landscapes, but also unexpressed human emotions, thus expressing the essence of modern man.

This is the starting point of the series “Contemporaries_Mona Lisa in the 21st Century”.

You can’t see inside a person, but the artist captures the explosive energy in his own words.

Momentarily evoked emotions can reach abysses that cannot be defined in words.

It can take the form of dust flying in the air, or a block of acrylic paint firmly fixed on the canvas.


Exhibition: NOMA Japan Solo Exhibition “Contemporary People_Mona Lisa in the 21st Century”

Schedule: May 8, 2023 (Month) – May 21, 2023 (Sun)

Entrance Fee: Free

Purchases: Purchases are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like a list of works please contact us via email ( or Instagram.

*+ART GALLERY online store members and related parties have priority in purchasing and making reservations.

Venue: +ART GALLERY (Shibuya Scramble Square Shop & Restaurant 14F, Shibuya 2-24-12, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002)

Organizer/Venue: Plus Art Co., Ltd.

■NOMA’s comments

I’m NOMA, an artist/artist working in Korea.

I use the authenticity and unique way of the characters to express the hidden emotions that cannot be expressed in our modern way of life.

I’m NOMA, an artist living in Korea. Through my works, I express the hidden emotions of contemporary individuals that are difficult to express in daily life, and use a unique and realistic way of depicting emotions.

I hope that when people look at my work, they can feel a small hidden feeling, a trivial but sincere feeling, even if they just stay in front of my work for 30 seconds.

I hope that people who watch my work can feel the small emotions hidden in their hearts, as well as sincere and subtle emotions, even if it is only 30 seconds before my work.

■ Career/Exhibition

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