Arrival Processing – within 20 minutes According to reports, the Bali Immigration Department is sparing no effort to speed up the processing of incoming international passengers and has promised to speed up the transit of incoming passengers. Bali Ngurah Rai Airport No more than 20 minutes.

the Director of Immigration, “In terms of equipment at Immigration at Ngurah Rai Airport, we will update and upgrade equipment such as automatic gates and take other measures to simplify the border crossing process,” Silmy Karim said. Immigration officers aim to ensure that arriving passengers complete the arrival process in 20 minutes or less.

“I have been monitoring the queue at Ngurah Rai,” Karim said.

Travel observers have highlighted the need to strengthen immigration services at Bali Airport in light of news that the airport has plans to welcome more people. A380 Airbus jumbo jet Go to Bali.Bali currently has a A380 servicee operates daily Emirates.

Sirmi also reported an increase in the number of international passengers arriving at Bali airport. The number of single-day arrivals has reached 19,000 in recent weeks, compared with 17,000 a day in the pre-pandemic period.

Meanwhile, in Bureren County, north of Bali, the measures being taken by the immigration department will soon see Singaraja Immigration Office upgrade to “Level 1” facility. at the same time, Singaraja Immigration Office Major rebuilding is underway.

Singaraja Immigration Office Serving the three regencies of Bali: Buleleng, Jembrana and Karangasem.

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