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ARGONAVIS 3rd LIVE “CROSSING” held! | Bushiroad Co., Ltd. Press Release


Argonavis and GYROAXIA will hold ARGONAVIS 3rd LIVE “CROSSING” at Pacifico Yokohama National Hall on Friday, March 12th and Saturday, March 13th, 2021, with audience and paid distribution. The different repertoires of the two days, not only the people present, but also the audience present were overwhelmed by it.
In addition, new information such as Argonavis 4th Single “JUNCTION/Y” release, Fantôme Iris 1st LIVE -C’est la vie!-, event “Shooting Showcase” and TOWER RECORDS special collaboration were released at this performance. Archived distribution of this performance will be available until DAY1, Tuesday, March 16th at 23:59 and DAY2, Wednesday, March 17th at 23:59.

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◆Performance name
March 12 (Fri) and 13 (Saturday), 2021
◆ Venue
Pacific Yokohama National Convention Hall
Argonavis (Vo. Ren Nanahoshi: Ito Masahiro, Guitar: Daisuke Goryō: Daisuke Hinata, Bass: Seiji Maeda, Key: Rinsei Kikyo: Shuta Morishima, Dr. Banri Shiraishi: Shohei Hashimoto)
GYROAXIA (Vo. Nayuta Asahi: Hitoshi Ogasawara, Gt. Kenta Satozuka: Shinichi Hashimoto, Gt. Reine Misono: Takumi Mano, Ba. Ryo Akebono: Keito Akiya, Dr. Fukayuki Kaikawa: Miyauchi announcement)
◆Ticket information
Stream + distribute viewing tickets
Reception hours:
DAY1: March 1 (Monday) 18:00 to March 16 (Tuesday) 21:00 (same as overseas delivery)
DAY2: March 1 (Monday) 18:00 to March 17 (Wednesday) 21:00 (same as overseas delivery)
Reception URL:
*Archive transfer
DAY1 March 16 (Tuesday) to 23:59
DAY2 to Wednesday, March 17 at 23:59
*All times are Japan time.
* The distribution target regions other than Japan for this show are as follows.
USA/UK/Indonesia/Australia/Canada/Korea/Singapore/Thailand/Taiwan/Philippines/Brazil/Hong Kong/Macau/Malaysia
* Streaming Plus service is only available in the following countries and regions.
Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States
※Sales are limited to the following countries and regions.
US, UK, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Brazil, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia
※Sales are limited to the following countries and regions.
US, UK, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Brazil, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia
Reception URL:

Live broadcast details:

■ List of settings
01. Restart/Argonavis
02. Steady progress! /Argonavis
03. Meteor Shower/Argonavis
04. After the rain slope / Argonavis
05. Goal Line/Argonavis
07. The Stars Begin/Argonavis
08. Manifesto / Gyro
09. Getting Hig / Gyroscope
10. Liar/Gyroscope
11. Rage on (Cover) / GYROAXIA
12. Kyouran Hey Kids!! (Cover) / Asahi Nayuta
13. READY STEADY GO (cover) / CROSSING session sideA
14. Complication Acoustic Ver. (Cover) / Nayuta Asahi x Kenta Satozuka
15. REVOLUTION / gyroscope
16. Dispersion/Gyroscope
17. Manifesto/Gyroscope
En2.AAside CROSSING Ver./Argonavis×GYROAXIA

02. Overcast (Cover) / GYROAXIA
03. EGOIST / gyroscope
05. Kyouran Hey Kids!! (Cover) / GYROAXIA
06.Getting Hig/Gyroscope
08. The Stars Begin/Argonavis
09. Song of Love/Argonavis
10. Starry Line/Argonavis
11. *~Asterisk~(Cover)/Argonavis
12. Mewtwo Love<星五> / Seven Star Lotus
13. GO!!! (cover)/CROSSING session sideG
14. Gaeshi Tenchi Acoustic Ver.
15. Goal Line/Argonavis
En1. What-if Wonderland!/Argonavis
En2.AAside CROSSING Ver./Argonavis×GYROAXIA

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© ARGONAVIS PROJECT. ©DeNA Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. © Copyright Bushiroad.
Photo: Nishimaki Taiichi, Fukuoka Ryoji Shrine


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