AnyMind Group launched a new service “Travel Booster”, using its network in 13 countries and regions in Asia to invite the world’s top influencers to Japan|AnyMind Group Co., Ltd. Press Release

AnyMind Group launched a new service “Travel Booster”, using its network in 13 countries and regions in Asia to invite the world’s top influencers to Japan|AnyMind Group Co., Ltd. Press Release

In this service, our professional teams in 19 bases in 13 countries and regions in Asia screen and recommend highly suitable overseas Internet celebrities and KOLs according to the needs of enterprises, regions, and local governments. Follow up from actually visiting Japan to sending and posting information on SNS. After that, we will continue to support performance measurement using our influencer marketing platform “AnyTag”.

The service will be provided jointly with our subsidiary ENGAWA Co., Ltd., which has a lot of achievements in cross-border marketing centered on Europe, the United States and Australia.


  • Background and purpose of launching “Travel Booster by AnyStyle.Tokyo”

From October 11, 2022, Japan will significantly relax restrictions, such as canceling the upper limit on the number of visitors and lifting the ban on the entry of foreign tourists and individual tourists. Travel inquiries to Japan from various countries and regions are also increasing, and it is expected that the demand for visiting Japan will further increase in the future.
On the other hand, amid the rapidly changing situation due to the ongoing COVID-19 disaster, many companies say it is difficult to fully grasp the latest status of marketing and promotions for foreign tourists visiting Japan. The reality is that it is more difficult to implement entry measures.

As a result, we have Asia-centric influencer marketing strength based on local expertise and data, and we have a track record of delivering thousands of marketing supports per year. This service is provided by combining extensive experience in providing cross-border marketing expertise to Japanese companies, regions and local governments.


  • Features of “Travel Booster by AnyStyle.Tokyo”

① Can appoint super influencers with huge local influence in each market

By partnering with offices in each country and leveraging local networks, creators and influencers representing each market can be connected.

② Consistently support overseas residents from arranging trips to Japan to visiting, delivering, and measuring results
Using expertise based on the results of thousands of projects, we provide consistent support from arranging accommodation, working with every local government in Japan, to completing influencer posts and measuring results.

(3) Targeting people who plan to visit Japan and implementing measures at low cost
By closely communicating with influential people, listing those who plan to visit Japan, and adopting a method of jointly implementing projects, transportation expenses such as travel expenses can be reduced.


  • service delivery process

1. Our staff will interview the goods, services, locations, etc. you want to promote, and select the target

We listen to the characteristics of the service and the goals envisaged, and propose the optimal solution according to the purpose of the measures.

2. Based on the data of about 500,000 people, propose the most suitable internet celebrity and communication method
Calculate the data accumulated in AnyTag, achievement and participation rate, and designate the best influencer, including SNS selection and posting format.

3. Implement casting and measures in cooperation with overseas bases
Professional teams from 19 bases in 13 countries and regions in Asia and staff familiar with the local conditions carry out policy design. Local staff communicate closely with influencers according to local business practices. Eliminate communication risks from different languages ​​and regions.

4. Measure the effect and analyze the results for the next step of policy
After the measures are implemented, the results are measured against the results obtained. By visualizing and accumulating insights on AnyTag, we will summarize the main points to be used in the next policy and lay the foundation for continuous policy development.

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  • Overseas influencers (example)

Gain access to creators supported and networked primarily in our 19 bases in 13 countries.

・Buakaw Banchamek@タイ
(Lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment)

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Number of YouTube channel subscribers: about 910,000
Number of registered followers on Instagram: about 1.1 million
Number of Facebook registered fans: about 4.9 million
TikTok registered fans: about 1.3 million

・Jamilo TV @ Indonesia

(entertainment, travel, sports)

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Number of YouTube channel subscribers: about 478,000
Number of Instagram registered fans: about 1.34 million

・Ngan Khanh Official @ Vietnam
(talent, entertainment)

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Number of YouTube channel subscribers: about 67,000
Number of registered followers on Instagram: about 196,000
Number of Facebook registered fans: about 5.5 million

■ Internet celebrity marketing platform “AnyTag”

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AnyTag provides services such as web celebrity selection based on insight analysis, insight analysis during event execution, real-time posting and other services. It is a web celebrity marketing platform and can also be used as an operation management tool. Furthermore, since these functions can be managed on one platform, accumulated data can be utilized seamlessly. As of the end of June 2022, AnyTag has reached over 450,000 influencers from over 45 countries and markets around the world.

■ About Yingchuan Co., Ltd.

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A marketing company that conveys valuable items of Japan to people around the world and creates scenes where many foreigners and Japanese people can resonate and impress. Operation of English-language media “Tokyo Weekender” with a history of 52 years since its publication in 1970, overseas KOL/influencer marketing, operation of OMOTENASHI Selection, dissemination of attractive Japanese products and services for overseas and inbound, etc. We support communication. From January 2021, ENGAWA becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of AnyMind Group.

■About AnyMind Group

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Company Name: AnyMind Group Co., Ltd.
Established: April 2016
Location: 31F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director and CEO Kosuke Tokawa
Bases: Japan (Tokyo, Saga), Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok: 2 bases), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi), India (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore), Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia, Arabia United Arab Emirates United States, Shanghai, Shenzhen

Business Summary:

Brand e-commerce business
For brand enterprises and individuals such as Internet celebrities and creators, it provides a one-stop support platform for brand design and planning, production management, EC station construction and operation, marketing, and logistics management centered on the EC and D2C fields. .

Partner to grow the business
We provide monetization and brand growth support services to publishers and creators operating online media and apps using our own platform.

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