An adult-only cafe that satisfies gourmets! UNI COFFEE ROASTERY, a coffee shop that originated in Yokohama, opens its first store in Tokyo│Meshirepo


Cafe and bakery “UNI COFFEE ROASTERY” will open its first store “UNI COFFEE ROASTERY PREMIUM Azabujuban” in Tokyo on Wednesday, November 9th.

A Café for Adults Who Offers a Luxurious Time

At UNI COFFEE ROASTERY PREMIUM Azabu Juban, in addition to the cafe menu of coffee and drinks offered at existing stores, we also offer dessert afternoon tea only available at night, perfect parfait after drinking, champagne, etc.

The concept is “cafe for adults only”. We offer a cafe menu that you can enjoy during the day and slightly richer food and drinks that adults can enjoy.

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The core of the menu is fromage, which is based on the popular UNI COFFEE ROASTERY brands “Nameraka Basti” and “Canelé”.

Not only is it a dessert that goes well with coffee, but its condiments are also great with wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Limited menu “Dessert Afternoon Tea” after 19:00

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Unlike “afternoon tea” which is served around 3:00 pm during tea time, “afternoon tea” is served after 6:00 pm.

“UNI COFFEE ROASTERY PREMIUM Azabu Juban” offers two easy-to-use “dessert afternoon tea” because Azabu Juban is a place where active adults gather without worrying about money or time.

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Desserts and foods that can only be bought at the Azabujuban store, such as Gorgonzola Fromage and Fromage Canelé, can be paired with natural wine or champagne selected by the in-house sommelier.

menu (example)

221019 06
Azabu Fromage / 680 yen

Flourless Basque Cheesecake has a creamy texture that melts in your mouth. The tangy flavor of the rich cream cheese is complemented by the light tartness of the sour cream.

221019 07
Gorgonzola Fromage / 780 yen

A Basque cheesecake for adults with a unique aroma of cream cheese and Gorgonzola cheese. Bake with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. The secret ingredient is black pepper!

221019 08
Fromage canelé / 390 yen

UNI COFFEE ROASTERY’s popular canelé adds rich mascarpone cream, and the egg yolk-rich dough is left to stand for more than half a day to bring out the texture and richness. Combined with the rum aroma of canelé, the taste is excellent.

Updated Parfait for Adult Taste

The product development team researched regional attributes, etc., and updated the popular parfaits in existing stores to the original menu.

The mellow truffle parfait we are proud of uses a lot of high-quality ingredients and is finished with a mature flavor that cannot be tasted at other stores.

221019 09
Rich truffle parfait / 2,200 yen

Finished with champagne from the Champagne region, lemon granite, cream cheese ice cream layer and fragrant white truffle jelly.


Opening Dates: Tuesday, November 9th * Pre-opening begins October 20th.
Store name: UNI COFFEE ROASTERY PREMIUM Azabu Juban (Uni Coffee Roastery Premium)
Address: 2-3-2 TRUNK Azabujuban 1-2F, Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: AM8:00~PM11:00
Number of seats: 28 seats on the 2nd floor (8 seats on the 1st floor, 20 seats on the 2nd floor) ※Pets are allowed
Remarks: Free Wifi, power supply provided
UNI COFFEE ROASTERY official website:


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