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by Sanath Nanayakkare

The MS Empress, with 1,600 passengers and crew on board, is scheduled to sail weekly to Sri Lanka on its maiden voyage from Hambantota port and is expected to contribute US$18 million to the country’s economy over the next four months.

This was revealed by the cruise ship owner and Austrian businessman Jurgen Ballon.

The business plan four months from now will be based on the upcoming monsoon season.

Jurgen, who has been with Royal Caribbean Cruises for 30 years and now runs his own luxury line, said he is confident in the potential of Sri Lankan cruise tourism and the success of his business, especially since Hayleys Advantis is his spokesperson for Sri Lanka .

“I’m expecting 80,000 tourist arrivals in the first 4 months alone and our business in Sri Lanka is moving forward with Hayleys Advantis appointed as Cordelia Cruises’ general sales agent and port agent in Sri Lanka,” he said.

The Advantis team took advantage of their newly established partnership with India’s top cruise line, Cordelia Cruises, to welcome 1,600 tourists from Chennai, who made their first stop at Hambantota International Port.

A fascinating dance performed by the cruise ship troupe in its state
Art Marquee Theatre.Image courtesy of Nishan S. Priyantha

Jurgen Bailom is particularly grateful to Sri Lankan immigration officials for seamlessly facilitating the disembarkation process, enabling tourists to undertake excursions in and around Hambantota, including Udawalawa.

Commenting on the partnership, Advantis Managing Director Ruwan Waidyaratne said: “As an island nation, Sri Lanka has been attracting maritime trade and tourism for centuries. However, in this day and age, our country has not fully exploited its natural advantages. Through our “In alliance with Cordelia Cruises, we have been able to facilitate the first ever island hopping cruise, offering travelers a fantastic opportunity to discover Sri Lanka’s rich heritage, breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant cultural diversity. We look forward to working closely with the Cordelia team , attracting at least 80,000 visitors in the next four months alone.”


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