Alternative Quarantine entry scheme for all travellers

Alternative Quarantine entry scheme for all travellers

Under the plan, quarantine periods vary based on vaccination status, and travelers must be tested while in quarantine.

In a recent update, Thailand recently introduced an Alternative Quarantine (AQ) entry scheme for travellers, effective January 11, 2022.

This AQ program is available to Thai citizens and foreign travelers, including but not limited to diplomats, government guests, Thai work permit holders, students and their families, and patients seeking medical care. These eligible travelers can enter Thailand from all points of entry by land, water and air.

Before entering Thailand, travelers need to prepare the following documents:

1. Thailand Pass

2. one Medical certificate of negative RT-PCR laboratory result Issued no more than 72 hours prior to travel.
Thai nationals and travelers aged six and under traveling with their parents are exempt from this requirement. However, for those arriving by water, everyone on board must obtain a medical certificate with RT-PCR laboratory results showing that COVID-19 has not been detected within an officially designated time frame. Additionally, anyone with a history of COVID-19 infection within the past 14-90 days must have a medical certificate of recovery.

3. One insurance policy The sum assured is not less than $50,000.
Thais and expats who are covered by the National Health Insurance of Thailand are exempt from this requirement.

4. Proof of Confirmed Payment for Alternative Quarantine (AQ) Accommodation or similar government approved facility. Foreign nationals must also present proof of payment for the required RT-PCR test.
If quarantined for 7 days or 10 days, two RT-PCR COVID-19 tests are required. Three RT-PCR COVID-19 tests are required for 14-day quarantine.

5. All passengers must pass through “Exit Screening” at the point of departure At all entry points and present the required documents to the person in charge of the inspection.
Upon entry, travelers must undergo “entry screening”, including temperature checks. After immigration clearance, travelers must present the required documents to the immigration/health control officer for inspection before proceeding with the immigration process.

After completing the above procedures, the traveler will be quarantined.

Quarantine periods will vary:

  • Travellers with a vaccination certificate who have been fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine at least 14 days prior to travel to Thailand (or at least one dose for travelers under 18) will receive 7-day quarantine.
  • Travellers without proof of vaccination will be accepted 10 day quarantine.
  • Passengers arriving by water, everyone on board holds a vaccination certificate based on travel documents Requirement 2 aboveonly one 7-day quarantine Necessary.
  • If anyone on board does not have a vaccination certificate, everyone on board will receive 10 day quarantine.
  • Travellers under the age of 18 travelling with a parent or guardian will accept Same period as parent or guardian.

Throughout the quarantine period, travelers are required to undergo several RT-PCR COVID-19 tests:

  • For travelers in the 7-day quarantine period, two RT-PCR tests are required on days 0-1 and 5-6.
  • For travelers in the 10-day quarantine period, two RT-PCR tests are required on days 0-1 and 8-9.
  • For travelers in the 14-day quarantine period, three RT-PCR tests are required on days 0-1, 5-6, and 12-13.

All travelers must download the MorChana appand stay on at all times for COVID-19 precautions.

When travelling, it should be noted that for international departures, it is the responsibility of the traveller or his organisation to ensure that the traveller meets the requirements of their particular international destination, regardless of the origin. For domestic departures, travelers are free to travel anywhere in Thailand after completing the required quarantine period.

Suspended: Newly registered Thai pass system

In addition to sharing a revised list of incoming passengers (as above)Thailand also announced the temporary suspension of the Quarantine Free (TEST & GO) entry program, approved by the National Center for COVID-19 Situation Management (CCSA).

As a result, new registrations for the Thailand Pass specifically for the Quarantine Free (TEST & GO) program will be suspended until further notice.

However, travelers who applied for/obtained a QR code for a Thailand Pass before December 22, 2021, expected to arrive in Thailand from December 24, 2021, will still be able to enter Thailand until any changes.

For those travelers who are still allowed in, they must comply with the following:

  • They must take a second RT-PCR COVID-19 test (not ATK self-test) at a government-designated facility on the fifth or sixth day of their stay in Thailand, or whenever they develop respiratory symptoms (at no additional cost).
  • Passengers must complete a TM6 immigration form on board.
  • Upon arrival at the airport terminal, travelers must complete and sign a quarantine form before proceeding to the health control checkpoint. Children under 12 can use the same form as their parent/guardian.
  • They will present the required documents to the infectious disease control officer, including a Thai pass, date of arrival and RT-PCR test results. If all documents are in place, officials will continue pasting quarantine forms With the official stamp of Thailand’s Department of Disease Control and instructions on being quarantined, and two required RT-PCR tests.
  • Travellers will then receive an additional copy of the quarantine form, along with a QR code showing a list of government designated hospital/lab centres for a second RT-PCR test (at no additional cost).
  • The traveler can then proceed to the immigration office. In addition to entry formalities, travelers must present the attached quarantine form and a copy of their passport to immigration officers for inspection. If everything is in order, the traveler will be allowed to go to the hotel booked.
  • Upon arrival at the hotel, Travelers must show hotel staff a copy of the quarantine form they have attached to inform the traveler of the types of entry programs allowed. After that, the traveler must undergo the first RT-PCR test. Those who have been tested at the government-designated hospital/laboratory center before arriving at the hotel do not need to be tested at this stage.
  • After receiving a negative RT-PCR test result, travelers must notify hotel staff of their booked stay on the fifth or sixth day in order to register on the COSTE system.
  • On days 5 and 6, travelers must go to a government-designated hospital/laboratory for a second RT-PCR test and must bring the affixed quarantine form.
  • Travelers must hand over a copy of their affixed isolation form to the hospital/lab center for billing.It should be noted that there will be There is no additional fee for travelers who have acquired the TEST & GO Thailand Pass before December 22, 2021.


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