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‘All things come to an end and so do good things’: Chhavi Mittal writes about feelings after ‘much needed’ Dubai holiday


“Ever since I got back from my much-needed vacation, I’ve been wondering why it’s stress-free and why the stress starts coming back the minute the trip to the airport begins,” she wrote

Chhavi opens up about post-holiday blues and stress (Credit: Chhavi Mittal/Instagram)

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Chhavi Mittal recently took a “much needed” vacation with her husband Mohit Hussein and children Areeza and go by plane dubai The actor shared some stunning photos of the UAE city. As exciting as the holidays are, the post-holiday blues are real. And, Chhavi is going through something similar!In a message on Instagram, she expressed why we feel so stressed after coming back from anywhere holiday.

“Ever since I got back from a much-needed vacation, I’ve been wondering why vacations are pressure-free and why the moment the journey to the airport starts the stress starts coming back,” she began, sharing a series of photos of herself, her children and her husband.

Once we return from our trip, she continued, ” deadlinepending work, kids’ school, homework, commitments, everything started to come back like a button press.” But, according to Chhavi, the biggest factor was the phone.

She explains, “Use your phone as little as possible while on vacation and enjoy the moment to the maximum. There is no substitute life, only real life. Absorbing the moment and capturing the image rather than passing through camera Rather, through the eyes and imprinting them in memory for later use. “

However, “everything has an end, even good things”, she concludes.

Previously, Chhavi posted photos of himself playing in Dubai to show off breast cancer surgery scar. “This is what I made my year with him. New life. A better. Stronger. #breastcancersurvivor,” she wrote, alongside a photo of herself in a white bikini.

she was diagnosed with breast cancer In April 2022, finally free from cancer after undergoing successful surgery. For months, she documented her recovery journey with followers, inspiring many.

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First published on: 04-01-2023 at 19:00 IST


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