AEON MALL Mien Chey (Cambodia) “j-Grab Mall” Permanent Showroom Store On-Site Sales | J-Grab Press Release

AEON MALL Mien Chey (Cambodia) “j-Grab Mall” permanent showroom store on-site sales

Cross-border EC mall “j-Grab Mall” permanent exhibition store “AEON MALL Mien Chey (Cambodia)”

Cross-border e-commerce platform》j-Grab Mall“, with the full cooperation of AEONMALL (CAMBODIA) LOGI PLUS Co., Ltd., since the semi-opening of AEON MALL Mien Chey store on December 15, 2022 last year,The first permanent display store in Japanexpanded.

The showroom shop displays a selection of Japanese products sold online at “j-Grab Mall”. You can read the QR code to view the detailed description of the product, check the product details with the AEON MALL showroom staff, and even buy it on the spot OK.

At the same time, under the cross-border EC promotion consignment project in Kawasaki City, selected products produced and sold by small and medium-sized enterprises in Kawasaki City are also specially displayed and sold by scanning QR codes.

EC Showroom EC Showroom “AEON MALL PLUS” @ AEON MALL Mien Chey Store (Cambodia)

AEON MALL Mien Chey is the third AEON Mall in the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is located in Mianzhi District, Phnom Penh City, facing Hun Sen Road, the main road leading to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

We opened a new EC app “AEON MALL PLUS” to start service as a physical store in Cambodia, and we introduced a special icon that allows direct access to “j-Grab Mall” in the app, so you can use your You can also easily jump to the “j-Grab Mall” website.


“AEON MALL PLUS” Live Showcases Premium Japanese Goods from “j-Grab Mall”

On May 20th (Saturday), the official Facebook “AEON MALL PLUS” had its first live sale, with an unforgettable first episode featuring “j-Grab Mall”.

The products exhibited by the company at “j-Grab Mall” were introduced for about an hour on site.

AEON MALL PLUS live broadcast (released on May 20) FacebookAEON MALL PLUS live broadcast (released on May 20) Facebook

■ AEON MALL PLUS live broadcast (released on May 20) Facebook

Live streaming videos with English subtitles are also distributed on our Youtube channel for each product.

■ J-Grab Co., Ltd. – j-Grab (Youtube)

“j-Grab Mall”, a cross-border EC platform that sells Japanese brands to the world through “Online” x “Showroom Store”

Cross-border EC consignment service “j-Grab Mall” is a cross-border EC consignment service that allows small and medium-sized enterprises to easily carry out overseas sales.

j-Grab Mallj-Grab Mall

Major Overseas Markets Associated with j-Grab MallMajor Overseas Markets Associated with j-Grab Mall

j-Grab Mall is connected with major overseas e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopee, Ruten, AEON MALL PLUS, Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping, Google Shopping, Shop apps, etc. You can conduct overseas sales on e-commerce platforms around the world Just need to open a store.

With overseas product liability insurance, since it is operated by a Japanese company, you can focus on overseas sales with confidence. For merchants who want to sell in the showroom store of AEON MALL Cambodia, we store the products in domestic warehouses and ship them all over the world. We have launched a test program for EC sales.

If you also use the IT introduction subsidy,Cross-border EC sales about 25,000 yen per month + can also display sales at AEON showroom shophas become.

Since the j-Grab Mall Business Briefing will be held online, please apply from the following URL.

■Company Profile

J-Grab Co., Ltd.

Our mission is to provide high-quality Japanese products and services to customers around the world through cross-border e-commerce. One-stop support for j-Grab Mall cross-border EC mall operation, Shopify, Magento EC site building, eBay, Amazon, Shopee, Ruten, Tmall Global, etc. to open overseas EC malls ・We will increase sales and expand overseas sales by providing side-by-side support to create channels.

■ Application/Consultation

Overview of j-Grab Mall:


Tel: 03-5728-2095 (10:00-19:00/closed on weekends and holidays)

■Media inquiries

J-Grab Public Relations

Email: Phone: 03-5728-2095

Division 2, JTB Business Solution Business Headquarters


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