According to Agoda data, Indians search for monsoon travel increased by 5 times

According to Agoda data, Indians search for monsoon travel increased by 5 times

Digital travel platform Agoda revealed that travel searches during the monsoon (June-August) have increased five-fold (410%) compared to 2019 statistics. The brand also shared the most popular destinations for Indian travelers during this year’s monsoon, with Goa, Manali, Ooty, Nainital and Mumbai topping the list. For international regions, Indians gravitate toward Southeast Asia and the Middle East, with Bali, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai and Phuket emerging as the most popular destinations.

During the monsoon season, the major destinations offer unique experiences for every type of traveller. Goa and Ooty have serene greenery and breathtaking views, while Manali and Nainital present a double allure of rain with mountains as a backdrop. Mumbai is a newcomer to the list, breaking into the top five thanks to its proximity to several scenic resorts. International destinations, on the other hand, enjoy steady popularity with Indian tourists throughout the year – thanks to relatively easy visa processes and direct flights from major Indian cities.

Domestic options in Goa, Ooty, Manali and Nainital, as well as outbound options in Singapore, Bali, Bangkok and Phuket, have been attracting Indians between June and August. While these months are not the usual holidays in the country, Indians are increasingly choosing to travel during this window to experience the monsoon through a different lens. As for international locations, June to August is generally considered the peak season for visiting Southeast Asia, especially places like Bali and Singapore.

Krishna Rathi, Country Director for India, Sri Lanka and Maldives at Agoda, said: “Indian tourism has experienced a significant rebound and growth this year, both domestically and internationally.” “Agoda’s data confirms once again that Indians “‘s willingness to travel is rising year by year. It also shows that Indians’ travel is no longer limited to summer vacations, festivals, or year-end holidays. It’s exciting to see an increase in travel demand, and at Agoda we strive to fulfill all travel needs at the best prices. ”

Monsoon travel gives you the opportunity to witness the magnificence of nature. Travelers can choose to travel domestically and soak up these stunning sights, or they can choose to travel further afield in search of new experiences. Agoda aims to be the go-to platform for Indian tourists traveling in and out of their destinations.

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