Accommodation and sightseeing spots in Buriram, Thailand, where MotoGP is held. The surrounding environment of the track you should pay attention to in 2019-Travel Observation


Brief introduction of accommodation and attractions in Buriram Province

The pinnacle of motorcycle road racing, the PTT Thailand Grand Prix, was held for the first time in Thailand on October 7th. The Grand Final attracted a record 100,000 spectators in just one day, making it one of the most exciting events in Thailand. The author participated in a press conference hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand last time to report on the race, but it is very convenient to fly from the capital Bangkok to Buriram Airport near the track.

In addition, I am also curious about the surrounding environment such as the accommodation facilities used during the competition, and the sightseeing spots before and after the competition. The Chang International Circuit in Buriram will host MotoGP at least in 2019 and 2020. If you’re planning to travel to Thailand to watch MotoGP from 2019, here are some places to stay and see that you should definitely check out.

100,000 enthusiastic MotoGP Thailand Grand Prix

  • 100,000 people enthusiastically watched the first MotoGP Thailand Grand Prix
  • Accommodation and tourist attractions in Buriram, Thailand where MotoGP is held
  • How is the accommodation around the track?

    To be honest, there is not enough accommodation in Buriram yet. The city where the track is located originally had a population of less than 30,000 people. If more than 100,000 spectators visit in a day, there will inevitably be a foothold. This situation is not limited to Thailand, but also in racing events such as MotoGP in Japan.

    In Buriram, a new hotel is being built for this MotoGP. It seems like accommodation related improvements will continue to be made across the region, but if you’re planning to watch MotoGP in 2019, I’d like to get the itinerary and hotel arrangements done as soon as possible.

    By the way, a campsite is also prepared around the track. As far as could be seen, there were at least three fairly large camps with numerous tents that seemed to accommodate only one or two people. It seems that you can rent a tent that has already been set up for the night without having to bring your own tent.

    It’s unclear if similar campsites and tents will be offered after 2019, but they can be used as a last resort if you can’t book a hotel. Being just a few steps away from the racetrack, it’s also a big plus that it doesn’t take time to move around.


    One of the prepared campsites near the track


    Many identical tents lined up in a row


    Another camp.Anyway, there are a lot of tents


    camouflage tent

    The hotel that the press corps stayed in this time was “Hotel de l’amour Buriram”, about 30 minutes’ drive south of the track. This is a 4 star hotel where you can spend elegant time by the outdoor swimming pool with a resort feel. Accommodation fees are usually around 10,000 yen per night. There is a large supermarket “TESCO” next door, and you can easily buy food, daily necessities, and souvenirs. By the way, there is a Honda motorcycle dealer next to it, and a POP who is aware of MotoGP events.

    Experience the unique volcanic rock dyeing and weaving in the world


    Experience fabric dyeing called Phu Akkhani at Charoen Suk Village

    In the village of Charoen Suk in the south of Buriram, there is a thriving textile industry known as “Pha Phu Akkhani”. The biggest feature is the use of volcanic rock for dyeing. There is an extinct volcano nearby, and the cloth is dipped in a liquid containing a lot of crushed volcanic rock, resulting in a calm reddish-brown cloth.

    Pre-tie with string or rubber bands and then pickle, you can create areas of color and areas of no color, creating intricate patterns. Not only volcanic rock, but also tree bark and flowers can be dyed, and various colors can be combined into vivid colors. Clothes, hats, blankets, and accessory boxes are all made from the fabric and sold in souvenir shops.

    Dyeing of this fabric can be experienced at the facility in Charoen Suk Village that I visited. Tie the white cloth prepared in advance with a rope, and do whatever you want. This time, I leave the rest of the marinating process up to you, but depending on how you pair it, the finished product will be unique. When you create your own one-of-a-kind fabric, you develop a strong attachment to it. Without a doubt, this will be a perfect keepsake for yourself.


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