A new study reveals the best islands for honeymoons

A new study from a travel insurance company says the Indonesian island of Bali is the best island for honeymoons.

According to InsureMyTrip, Bali and seven other islands in Southeast Asia are in the top 10. 71 island destinations have been ranked to reveal the best honeymoon spots for a luxury getaway. Islands are judged on a variety of criteria, including average hotel room cost, beach quality, spa quality and number of romantic attractions.

“The appeal of Bali is not only its beautiful scenery, but also its extraordinary value for honeymooners,” said Sarah Webber, director of marketing at InsureMy Trip. “With over 2,000 romantic spots, stunning beaches and delicious food at affordable prices, it’s no wonder it tops the list. Bali offers couples the dream getaway they crave without breaking the bank.”

However, honeymooners considering or choosing Bali and other island destinations should read and heed the U.S. Department of State’s travel warnings.

The department said several Americans “became victims of violence and serious crime in Indonesia last year, particularly in Bali.” “Tourists and Indonesians have suffered serious illness and even died from incidents of alcohol consumption and beverage poisoning, especially in clubs and nightclubs in urban and tourist areas. There have also been cases of death and serious illness resulting from drinking alcoholic beverages contaminated with methanol.”

The Dominican Republic and the Italian island of Sicily are the only islands in the top ten that are not part of Asia.

Although the U.S. State Department warns “to be more cautious in Sri Lanka because Civil unrest and terrorism. “Visiting Americans are reminded to avoid all gatherings, even peaceful ones, as these can turn violent with little or no warning,” the department said.

“Safety is always top of mind when considering a new vacation destination,” Weber said. “While the U.S. State Department recommends greater caution when traveling to Sri Lanka, it does not advise travelers to reconsider or cancel travel plans.”

Weber explains that Sri Lanka scores highly as a honeymoon destination because it has “beautiful tropical beaches, warm weather and unbeatable value.” “The average cost of a hotel in Sri Lanka ($191.04) is about $200 cheaper than the study average. But lower costs don’t mean couples miss out on quality—the island’s restaurants, beaches, and spas are all highly rated.”

Thailand has four islands in the top 10, making the country an ideal destination for island hopping, she said. Phuket is Thailand’s highest-rated island, offering natural beauty, beautiful beaches, great restaurants and affordable accommodation.

Here are InsureMyTrip’s top 10 honeymoon island destinations:

1) Bali, Indonesia

2) Sri Lanka

3) Phuket, Thailand

4) Lombok, Indonesia

5) Koh Lanta, Thailand

6) Koh Samui, Thailand

7) Palawan Island, Philippines

8) Dominican Republic

9) Sicily, Italy

10) Phi Phi Island, Thailand

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