A must-see exhibition where you can taste Japan’s top Kuroge Wagyu beef! From Wednesday, February 1, 2023, the project “JAPAN FOOD TRAVEL Vol.4 Kanoya Fair”, which connects Tokyo and rural areas with food, will be held at 8 stores in Tokyo.

■ JAPAN FOOD TRAVEL ~Find Japanese food that you don’t know~
JAPAN FOOD TRAVEL is a menu developed for each store operated by CLASSIC INC. Not only is it delicious, but it is also very rare ingredients that are hard to eat in Tokyo. This is a project.

There are still many wonderful ingredients in Japan that we don’t know about. At this time when it is difficult to go out, we hope that you can learn about the land and food culture through ingredients, and feel the joy of travel. At “JAPAN FOOD TRAVEL”, we offer such delicious Japanese ingredients at 8 affiliated stores operated by the CLASSIC group, tailored to the concept of each store.

■ Vol.4 Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture
The fourth item uses ingredients from Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

One of the biggest charms of Kanoya City in Kagoshima Prefecture, which has a warm climate and rich nature throughout the year, is the agriculture and animal husbandry that make the most of it. At this year’s exhibition, “Kagoshima Black Beef”, which won the No. 1 spot in Japan, “Kanoya Beniharuka PREMIUM”, which has as much sugar as candy, and “Salt Boiled Peanuts” made with Kagoshima Black Beef will be exhibited. Peanuts, a specialty of Kanoya City. I will.

  • Kanoya City Food Introduction (partial)

Kagoshima Black Cow / Nakayama Ugino
“Kagoshima Black Beef” won the best Wagyu beef in Japan in a competition. High-end cuisine where you can enjoy the original taste of meat.

The best three-star yellowtail/the third persimmon
In addition to the refreshing aroma of natural products, it also has several to tens of times the sweetness and umami of ordinary amberjack.

Kanoya Beniharuka PREMIUM / Delicious Sunny Potato Sky
Creamy texture and honey-like sweetness. From making soil to ripening, we have obtained an overwhelming taste through a special manufacturing method.

  • JAPAN FOOD TRAVEL Vol.4 Kanoya Fair menu details (all prices include tax)

Kagoshima black beef Kyushu soy sauce teriyaki burger (with French fries) 1,580 yen
Discount store: TAMEALS Shinagawa

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Kagoshima Black Beef Burger Naples 1,580 yen ~
Sales stores: TAMEALS Ikebukuro, TAMEALS Otemachi, Depot, IL BACARO ALMA
* Contents and prices vary by store.

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Three-star amberjack and Kanaya carrot beer french fries (tartar sauce) 900 yen
Discount stores: TAMEALS Shinagawa, TAMEALS Ikebukuro, Depot

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Three-star raw yellowtail 900 yen
Sales stores: TAMEALS Otemachi, Depot

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Salted boiled peanuts 450 yen
Sales stores: TAMEALS Shinagawa, TAMEALS Ikebukuro, TAMEALS Otemachi, Depot, VAPEUR, IL BACARO ALMA, THE STAND
* Available at some stores for a fee.

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Canelé, sweet potato pudding and special cream (with drink) 1,180 yen
Discount store: THE STAND

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■ JAPAN FOOD TRAVEL Vol.4 Kanoya Fair Overview
Period: February 1 (Wednesday) to February 28 (Tuesday), 2023
Holding stores: TAMEALS store (Shinagawa store, Ikebukuro store, Otemachi store), Depot, ALMA, THE STAND, VAPEUR, IL BACARO ALMA

(JAPAN FOOD TRAVEL Program Outline)
“JAPAN FOOD TRAVEL ~From here, you can start your food travel around the country~”, which is a project where you can taste precious ingredients from all over the country at 8 franchised stores of the CLASSIC Group. You can taste local ingredients that are rarely seen in Tokyo and the delicious taste you can trust. As the fourth product, we used ingredients from Kanoya City, a place blessed with a warm climate and natural environment. We offer dishes that match the concept of each store. We want you to try local ingredients at the places you frequent in Tokyo and learn about the area. How about an ingredient tour?

(Overview of Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture)
Kanoya City official website is here.
*Hometown tax is also a must-see! You can view a variety of return gifts from the Hometown Tax Portal.

【Company Profile】
Company Name: CLASSIC Co., Ltd.
Location: 〒150-0011 Tokyo Shibuya Ward East 2-27-2 Est 205
Business Description: Restaurant Management

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