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An impression that must be inspected at the end of the year. “Bhutan Mountain Classroom” Blu-ray & DVD will be released on December 3rd. This is a touching work describing the life in Bhutan’s secret land, and the spiritual communication between urban teachers and villagers. Rents will also be released on the same day.

Discover the joys of life in unexpected places

Bhutan’s Mountain Classroom depicts people preserving traditions in unexplored regions, and the joys of life found in unexpected places.

The name Lunana means “valley of darkness” or “valley of darkness without electricity or mobile phones”. The people who live in this village where Bhutanese folk songs echo are adults who find happiness in their daily lives with nature. And kids who turn pure curiosity into “learning” while helping their parents with their work.

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The people who appear in “Bhutan Mountain Classroom” are all people who really live in Lunana. As globalization advances and the world landscape unifies, this work asks us “What is real abundance?”

The cutting-edge Bhutanese director Bao Qiaoning Dorji presents people’s lives full of smiles with overwhelming visual beauty. It won the Audience Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the Audience Award at the 13th Amsterdam Film Asia Film Festival, and was highly acclaimed in film awards around the world.

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■ The story of “Bhutan Mountain Classroom”

The stage is modern Bhutan.

Teacher Wu Gen secretly dreams of becoming a singer and going to Australia. One day, however, his boss called him and told him to attend a school in Lunana, 4,800 meters above sea level.

After climbing the steep mountain road for more than a week to reach the village, Wu Gen keenly realized that in a village without electricity, he was completely isolated from modern life.

There are no blackboards or notebooks in the school. Even under these circumstances, the people of the village warmly welcomed him as their new teacher.

A child said: “My dream is to be a teacher in the future, because I can touch the future.” Wugen wanted to leave Lunana as soon as possible to feel the atmosphere of the city, but when he saw the twinkling eyes of the children Looking at the light and watching them live vigorously in the majestic nature, little by little, he began to feel the changes in himself. “It will be felt.

Surrounded by civilization, this work seems to bring back what the Japanese lost, which they took for granted. This is one I want to take a close look at at the end of the year.

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“Bhutan Mountain Classroom”

throw:Sherap Dorji Ugyen Norbu Hendup Keldon Hamo Gurung Pem Zam
Supervision・Script: Bao Chuning Dorji
release date:December 3rd (gold)
price:(Blu-ray) 5,280 yen (DVD) 4,290 yen
Sales organization:multiple
Seller:Happiness Media Marketing

(C)2019 Copyright

*Price includes tax

(Toru Tomita)

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