A journey to heal the mind and body. 3 Comprehensive Resort Facilities (Asian Wellness Resorts Volume 1) | Vogue Japan

A journey to heal the mind and body.  3 Comprehensive Resort Facilities (Asian Wellness Resorts Volume 1) | Vogue Japan

(Zural Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som) Fusion of traditional and cutting-edge medicine in Qatar

In March 2022, Zural Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, the first in the Middle East and the largest health resort in the world, opened in Qatar, West Asia, where the World Cup is held. Produced by Chiva-Som, Thailand, known as the pioneer of health resorts. He blended traditional Arabic/Islamic medicine TAIM with modern medicine to create more than 400 unique remedies.

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The resort is made up of two distinct areas: Zural Serenity (an adults-only retreat for those 16 and over) and Zural Discovery (a family-friendly retreat).

Zural Serenity has 60 rooms and suites, and professionally trained personal wellness consultants will listen to all guests and propose tailor-made programs. There are 7 kinds of courses such as relaxation, detoxification and fitness, so that you can immerse yourself in health 24 hours a day. From spa suites, heat and hydrotherapy suites, treatment rooms and beauty center to indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a state-of-the-art gym, the precinct’s amenities couldn’t be better.

The family-friendly Zural Discovery has 120 rooms and suites with a wide variety of rooms and suites and programs for all ages, from outdoor activities for children to massages for seniors. In public spaces, we have also adopted digital detoxification measures, no smartphones and game consoles. All rooms overlook the beautiful Arabian Sea, helping to restore energy and balance to the mind and body.

Chivasom Zural Wellness Resort
Madinah Ash Shamāl, Ruwais, Qatar
Contact (Japan)/03-3403-5355 (Consumer Service)
Price: QAR 1,900 per person per night* until June 2023

[Six Senses Vilna]Pioneer renewal, located at the gateway of the Himalayas

Verna Marsi Estate, a wellness facility founded by Veer Singh in 2014, was renovated last year in Dehradun, a small town near Rishikesh in northern India, known as the birthplace of yoga. New to Six Senses.

Born in New Delhi, Singh was exposed to organic farming and ecology while studying abroad in the UK and Spain. Even after becoming a member of Six Senses, he remains the owner, leading the resort to continue to be a resort that respects sustainable agriculture, nature and traditional culture.

Six Senses Vina offers a full range of daily activities as well as Ayurveda, yoga, Tibetan medicine and a variety of natural treatments. Holistic programs such as healthy meals including Ayurvedic cuisine, acupuncture, reflexology and natural alignment (correction of distortions) are offered according to the physical and mental state of the guest and the purpose of the stay.

Unique to India, the birthplace of yoga, The Yoga Program features a dedicated team of instructors offering private lessons, meditations, breathing and signature massages for all levels, from beginner to advanced. You also get proven Ayurveda for balancing life energy (dosha). It is also one of the few facilities in the world where comprehensive treatments using Tibetan medicine, known as Sowarigpa, are available.

Six Senses Vannes
Mussoorie Rd, Malsi, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India
Contact (Japan)/0120-677-651 (InterContinental Hotels Group)
Prices: From USD 740 per person per night (two boards, programs included) *Until June 2023 Yoga, Detox, Sleep, Tibetan Medicine from 5 nights, Weight Management, Ayurveda from 14 nights

(Joali Being) Outcome-Oriented Program Inspired by Maldives Nature

The ultimate goal of Joali Being, the first wellness island in the Maldives, is for guests to let go of all their burdens and experience a ‘zero-gravity’ feeling of total freedom.

A wellness program called Personal Transformation consists of four pillars: mind, skin, microbiome and energy, and is a collaboration with Oxford University Professor Jerry Bodek, who leads the mental health campaign at the Institute for Global Health. This is a mature done by bundling

Fully personalized, results-driven programs are guided by spa, movement and sound therapy specialists and state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art wellness equipment to ensure success.

In addition, the building adopts “biophilic design” that makes people feel life and nature, so that you can feel the natural energy of the island even indoors.

Upon arrival at the island, guests will first receive in-depth consultations from private consultants who will propose solutions suitable for each individual, such as enhancing physical strength and vitality, controlling diet and weight, activating hormones, and enhancing immunity, etc. We also have a professional team of naturopaths, therapists, exercise specialists, nutritionists and more working alongside the consultants. They are experts and have steadily achieved results through treatments and treatments that combine traditional remedies and scientific methods.

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Bodhoo Fushi Island, Maldives
Prices: From $2,146 per room per night (with breakfast, 2 pax per room), wellness program from $1,665 per person for 5 days* until June 2023

Text: Kumano Yuka

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