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A Day in the Life: My Daily Life as a Black Expatriate Living in Busan, South Korea

Adventure, stunning beach vistas and healthy urban living: this is what awaits the black expatriate in Busan, South Korea. Candice Green, An expat originally from Texas who traded her life in the U.S. for one South Korea.

Between teaching abroad, seeking adventure, and finding an intentional lifestyle, she at Travel Noire convinces us that Busan truly has all the best things in abundance black expatriates.

Here’s a look at Candace’s black diaspora life in Busan, South Korea:

As a former international flight attendant, I knew that living abroad in another country would be my next adventure and lifestyle goal. I’m currently living in Busan, South Korea – a large port city known for its beaches, mountains and temples. The second largest metropolis after Seoul, Busan is the perfect mix of big city and cool beach vibes. I live in the Haeundae area, about 10 minutes walk from the beach, and love my location!

I’ve lived in Korea for a little over a year and love this beautiful country and my new city more and more every day. I’m excited to enjoy the stunning coastal views and numerous hiking trails every day. There is always something to discover in and around Busan. Plus, South Korea’s public transport system is so organized and efficient that a quick weekend getaway is always just a quick KTX train away. Being able to discover new hidden gems and immerse myself in the culture every day is what I love about the life I’ve created in Korea.

EuropeOn weekdays, I usually work 9 to 5 as a kindergarten teacher at a private hagwon. I love working with the kids and it’s really nice to see each of them improving their English every day. I’m so happy to be able to end the day with a beautiful sunset on the way home from get off work.

Here, I share a day in my weekend life:

7:00 AM – My weekends are usually a perfect mix of exploring, errands and relaxing. On Saturdays, I start my morning with coffee and burning some Palo Santo and incense.

8:00 AM – I started watering my plant babies and organizing my space. Sometimes I eat a light breakfast of scrambled eggs and vegetables while chatting with family and friends in America.

9:00 AM – I started to enjoy my morning walks. Living so close to the coastline, the coastal walks are breathtaking. I usually walk for about an hour to an hour and a half, stopping along the way to enjoy the scenery and meditate by the water. Along the coast there are many local farmers and fishermen selling herbs, vegetables, fruit, clams and seaweed. I’ll buy some scallions or fresh basil on my walks. Feeling the morning breeze always refreshes my spirit and brings me peace.

11:00 AM– Before heading home, I stop at a nearby market or bazaar and pick out some items. I usually grab a quick lunch before heading out to explore.

3:00 PM – I hop on the subway and head downtown. I love the beach and the sea, so I usually go to Gwangalli Beach, Haeundae Beach, or Daepo Beach in the afternoon to drink and hang out. Cafes all over Korea are always so aesthetically pleasing and offer amazing views. I try to check out a new cafe and enjoy a pastry, latte or homemade coffee.

Courtesy: Candice Green

6:00 pm – I watch the sunset and enjoy the moment. I love watching sunsets and aim to watch them at least once a’s a beautiful reminder to live and appreciate Watching the sun disappear into the distance every day.

Courtesy: Candice Green

7:00– I either meet up with friends for a fresh seafood dinner and drinks, or I go home and cook dinner while finishing my evening with a glass of wine.

Courtesy: Candice Green

To keep up to date on Candace’s expat life abroad, be sure to check out her instagram with her website.

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