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9 Useful South Korea Tips If You’re a First-Time Traveller

South Korea is formal Open to all vaccinated visitors After putting off your SK dream for over two years, you may be reluctant to move on.Many of you will travel to South Korea for the first time and finally make it Korean drama filming locations bucket list.some of you will be involved Scenic natural destination and historic landmark. But wherever your love for Korea takes you, keep these Korea tips in mind if you’re flying there for the first time!

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1. Learn basic Korean words and phrases

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Let’s not just rely on our English-speaking Korean-speaking guide for help. Why not learn a Korean word or two to help yourself when traveling to Korea?We are already one step ahead, thanks to The exposure we got from K-dramas and K-popso when you’re exploring the bright streets of Korean, there’s hardly any excuse not to thank or say hello to the Korean-speaking locals Seoul or a breath of fresh air Jeju Island.

2. Be aware of things that might be seen as rude

No country is exactly the same, and the cultural behaviors you are used to may not match other countries. For example, Koreans don’t like that you are sensitive to them in the first place. They also don’t encourage calling someone by their first name. There are also a lot of customs to consider when interacting with older Koreans.Review some Korea travel tips On what makes Koreans unhappy So you don’t have to be nervous!

3. Make sure you pack for the right weather

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Needless to say, you should check the seasons and weather in Korea in time for your trip. Korea has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. If you want to catch up with the cherry blossom season, it is usually from the end of March to April. On the other hand, from September to November, you can see the beautiful red leaves in Korea; of course, catch the snow from December to February. In the event of rainy weather, be sure to check the weather forecast.

4. Experience wearing traditional Hanbok

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When it comes to dressing accordingly, there’s no better place to see you in a traditional Korean hanbok than in Korea. Don’t be shy, as this is a legitimate tourist experience you can pay for. In Seoul, there are places where you can rent a hanbok for six hours, go shopping, pass by shops, and take photos of temples, all of which reflect traditional Korean architecture. Think of it as a way to get yourself into your favorite Korean period drama!

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5. Save money for shopping districts and flea markets

Korean Tips

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Whether you’re on a budget or not, you’ll thank yourself when you have enough to splurge on South Korea’s shopping boulevards. The shopping area and flea market have it all: stylish outerwear, quality tops and scarves, designer bags, Korean cosmetics, accessories and of course delicious street food.

As part of our Korean tips for beginners, we recommend visiting places that are usually unobtrusive. Shopping areas near Ewha and Sookmyung Women’s University would be a great place for ladies to start. If you are on the go, Goto Mall might be a convenient market for you as it is located below the bus terminal. But if you’re looking for a shopping mecca, head to Dongdaemun, the largest wholesale shopping district in the country!

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6. Participate in a kimchi making workshop

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We’d be remiss if we didn’t include kimchi making workshops on this list of Korean tips. Koreans love their kimchi. It’s a staple in almost every Korean drama we’ve seen, and we’ve definitely had some at our favorite Korean BBQ places. You can become more immersed in Korean culture if you learn firsthand how Koreans make kimchi through a cooking class in Seoul.

These classes will only take about 40 minutes of your time and will provide all the ingredients you need. Some classes even give you the option to wear a hanbok while making kimchi. If that’s not a real Korean experience, we don’t know what is!

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7. Take a historical walking tour

Korean Tips

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Korea is so beautiful that taking a bus or taking a taxi from one place to another won’t cut it. To appreciate its city, you need to spend a lot of time on walking tours, either DIY or paid and guided tours. But here’s a not-so-secret tip: You can book free walking tours across Korea.

In Seoul alone, there are more than 25 free walking tours to choose from. The tour groups included trained tour guides from the Seoul Tourism Office, as well as Korean university students who wanted to practice their English. Famous free walking tours include Sky Park and Street Food Tour, Gyeongbokgung Palace Tour, and Bukchon Tour, where you can visit traditional Korean houses.

8. Shout out to your waiter at a Korean restaurant

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Here’s the funniest you’ll get from these Korean tips.We have already discussed its importance Observe the silence of South Korea’s public transport system. But ironically, tourists are also encouraged to yell at their restaurant servers to get their attention. This is considered the norm, and it’s not rude at all.

This is because Korean waiters don’t wait for customers and they usually don’t stand near the table. So they actually prefer you to raise your voice so they can hear you. If your table has one, or you can ring the bell. If you need to call an attendant, just say “joki yo! “, which means “over there! “

9. Know Your Korean Taxi

Knowing about the four different types of taxis in Korea will really help you as a tourist as these also determine the type of service you will get. The four types of taxis are regular taxis, international taxis, model taxis and large taxis.

In Seoul, regular taxis are orange vehicles. In other cities, they are silver or white. These taxis are the most common and there is no guarantee that the driver will communicate with you in English. However, they are the most affordable taxis in Korea.

International taxis look a lot like regular taxis because they are all orange. You need to look carefully at the signs on the car to know if the taxi is an international taxi. The service vehicles are being rolled out for international tourists, so it is expected to receive free translation services in English, Japanese and Chinese. That said, these taxis can only be booked online or by phone.

The Black Taxi is basically a luxury vehicle that is expensive due to its spacious interior and a driver who speaks some English. Drivers are also trained to open doors for passengers and assist them with luggage.

Meanwhile, jumbo taxis are, by definition, the largest taxis that can accommodate multiple passengers at the same time. These vehicles usually have “JUMBO TAXI” written on the sliding doors.

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So for those who are traveling to Korea for the first time, prepare your mind, body and mind for a fun cultural experience. Since Korea has some deeply ingrained customs in their society, you can’t travel there naively. Let these Korean tips guide your first SK adventure!

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