9 of the most spectacular natural swimming pools in the world

9 of the most spectacular natural swimming pools in the world

Located on the edge of Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Zambia, Devil’s Pool is formed every year during the dry season (June to October) when water levels drop.

It’s a spectacular place to swim, with stunning views of the mile-wide waterfall and the breathtaking 30-meter drop to the bottom.

Ik Kil Eco-Arqueological Park in Chichen Itza cenote: A natural pit formed by the collapse of limestone bedrock. An in-ground pool at the bottom is ideal for swimming.

You can descend to the swimming platform via a carved staircase to access the 40-meter-deep swimming pool 26 meters below ground.

This is an astonishing find in one of the hottest and driest places in the world. Havasu Falls converges into a large pool, and the bright blue-green color of the water is caused by high concentrations of calcium carbonate.

The area is part of the Havasupai Indian Reservation, which is administered by the tribe. Visitors can swim in some pools, but there are a limited number and a permit is required (available online).

To Sua, which literally translates to “The Big Hole”, is a 30-meter-deep ocean trench that has been transformed into a large swimming pool accessible by ladder.

The swimming pool is located in Lotofaga on the south coast of Upolu Island, surrounded by lush jungle and greenery. Admission is $15.

Located south of Luang Prabang, Kuang Si Waterfall is a three-tiered waterfall that begins at the top of a steep hill.

Smaller waterfalls and pools lead to a 60-meter-high main waterfall. At the base of the falls, there are several pools for swimming, as well as picnic benches scattered around the area.

The Hinatuan River is known locally as the “Magic River” because the water seems to flow magically without any source. A saltwater river flows from a 50-foot deep spring.

It’s not known why the springs ooze salty water, but the cool blue waters and lush jungle setting make for a very tropical place.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently Travel to the West and Central is advised against Mindanao.

“Pamukkale” translates to “cotton castle” in Turkish and refers to the white waterfalls of these spectacular thermal pools. Formed over thousands of years, this mineral mountain is fed by abundant hot springs.

The water that is believed to have healing properties mainly contains calcium salts and carbon dioxide. It has a temperature range of 36-57°C.

Las Grietas is a canyon formed by two lava walls.Both fresh and sea water flow into this pool and the temperature varies between 18 and 20 degreesCelsius – Ideal for cooling.

From mid-morning the pool gets crowded: take an early morning swim to make the most of this beautiful natural spot.

Lichfield National Park is located south of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia. Bordering much of the Tabletop Range – a vast sandstone plateau – its waterfalls cascade into many gator-free pools, perfect for swimming.

However, swimmers must check with park rangers before jumping in – crocodiles have been known to enter shortly…

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