9 Effective Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram

It’s no big secret that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, and likes are a huge factor in determining your success on Instagram.

Knowing how to get likes on Instagram is very important to creating a popular account.

The platform’s algorithm determines how many people to show your posts to based on your like count. By getting more likes, you can drastically increase your brand awareness and attract more people to your channel over time.

Any content creator can create a successful Instagram account if they know what they’re doing. Fortunately, you’re in the right place, as we’ve included the best ways to get Instagram likes below.

9 Proven Ways to Get Likes on Instagram

With the right strategy, it’s easy to get tons of likes for your Instagram content. Just follow these guidelines and you will be successful in no time:

1) Find your location

find your niche

First, you need to define the type of content you want to generate before launching your account. Take a look around at the competition in different areas on Instagram and choose one that you find interesting and ranks well compared to other users who produce such content.

By identifying your niche market, you can focus on a specific target audience interested in your topic. This will help you get more likes over time as you post content that you know your audience will enjoy.

2) Produce elite content

A rule of thumb on Instagram is that great content will always perform better than sub-par content. Whenever you post something, make sure it is high quality and interesting for your users before posting it so that more people will enjoy it.

Since Instagram is a visual platform, your content should have eye-catching imagery to keep people engaged. Only post when your Instagram photos look great and people want to see more of your content.

3) Posting during peak hours

Check out your Instagram insights to see when your audience is most online so you can use this information to your advantage. You can also try different posting times to see which ones are most popular.

Once you’ve identified your peak times for posting, create a content calendar so you can schedule posting accordingly. This will help increase your likes and engagement rates as more people will see your content once it goes live.

4) Use relevant tags

Plenty of Instagram users use hashtags to find what they want, so it’s a good idea to use relevant hashtags as much as possible in your posts.

As long as these hashtags match the topic of your post, they will help your content attract new eyes (and likes). You should try to use trending tags whenever possible, as these tend to be viewed by a lot of people.

5) Interact with the audience

Getting involved in as many community events as possible is a great way to get likes on Instagram. Browse the scene’s content and participate in any posts that you find personally interesting; that content creator will take notice and want to support you in return.

You should also consider asking your audience questions and responding to any comments they leave. You can even post a poll to get them started with a lively discussion. By continuing to engage with your audience, you’re showing that you care about them and they’ll want to keep liking your posts.

6) Collaborate with other influencers

No matter which niche you end up choosing, there are bound to be other influencers producing content similar to yours. This gives you an opportunity to reach out and collaborate with these influencers so you can post on Instagram together and reach each other’s audiences.

This is a great way to share your content with a wider audience. You’ll have the opportunity to impress a whole new audience and convince them to follow you too, earning tons of extra likes in the future.

7) Leverage other social media

There are tons of popular social media channels these days, such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook, just to name a few. If a large number of users on these platforms know about your Instagram content, they will likely like your content, so cross-promote your account there as well.

By posting a link to your Instagram account elsewhere online, you will expand your reach and attract new interest in your posts. This will drive new traffic to your posts and drastically increase the number of likes you get.

8) Tag relevant users

Make sure to tag relevant other users in your posts so their followers can see your content too. You can tag influencers in your field, people in your posts, and anyone else you think is relevant.

Adding a location tag to tell people where the post happened is another good idea. People love getting this kind of information and are encouraged to like the post.

9) Buy Instagram Likes

Buy Instagram Likes
Buy Instagram Likes

By far the best way to get likes on Instagram is to buy them. Accumulating likes on your own can take a long time, but buying likes is much faster and will give you a lot of organic growth in the future as more and more people discover your account.

If you buy likes from the right places, your posts will also be favored by the Instagram algorithm and shown to more people. Look no further than Media Mister, the #1 Social Media Marketer. They only sell real likes from real accounts for a low price.

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final thoughts

Whether you post Instagram stories, carousel posts, or anything in between, getting likes is critical to success on Instagram. Any content creator who knows how to get more likes can become the next big thing.

All you have to do is follow our guide above and you’ll be amazed how quickly your account will become popular!

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