8 Fantastic Family Adventures in the Channel Islands

There’s a beach for every family, from deserted secluded coves to sandy beaches filled with cafes, restaurants and children’s facilities.

Known for its cleanliness, both Vazon and Grandes Rocques Bays have won awards. The stretches of sand are so plentiful that it’s not hard to find a quiet spot even in summer.

Elsewhere in the precinct, Sark’s wild beaches are perfect for coastal exploration, cliff diving and fishing in rock pools, perfect for older kids and strong swimmers. Herm Shell Beach, on the other hand, is a gentle stretch of coast with soft golden sand and clear water, perfect for picnicking and building sandcastles.

Alderney’s beaches are the perfect blend of pristine nature and family-friendly facilities. Longis Bay on the southeast coast is wide but well sheltered, while Braye Bay has a clean white sandy beach just a few minutes’ walk from the port’s amenities.

2: Crazy

Tamba Park Dinosaur Walk (Tamba Park)

When naturalist Gerald Durrell established his eponymous wildlife park in Jersey, he wanted to create a haven for animals, a place with conservation at its core. 50 years later, Darrell Wildlife Park Still living up to its creator’s vision, with 32 acres for residents to call home. Here you’ll meet mongooses, monkeys, gorillas and gibbons and learn more about the Trust’s fantastic work.

For a more “scary” enjoyment, go to Tamba Park Located in St. Lawrence, home of the creepy Dinosaur Walk. This picturesque walk has prehistoric companions including Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor and more. The park features an adventure playground, a raptor center, a boating lake, and a dinosaur-free sculpture walk, making it a great place to relax all day long.

3: Do some island hopping around Guernsey

magazine la coupee on sark channel islands fin
La Coupée (Dreamtime) in Sark

island hopping Getting around in Guernsey is easy and fun, with fast ferries and flights. This is a great way to turn your family vacation into a real adventure.

From Guernsey, take a quick ferry ride to Sark (50 minutes) or Herm (20 minutes) and if you’re lucky you’ll spot puffins, gannets and maybe even dolphins from the deck.

Alderney distance Guernsey By plane, it’s a scenic flight with incredible views of the Emerald Isles.

After a week of exploring, make it your family mission to eat ice cream on each island, count the wildlife you encounter and note the changing landscape along the way.

4: Let off steam in Jersey

magazine absolute adventures
Kayaking on the Jersey Shore (An Absolute Adventure)

Trying to lure the kids away from the iPad? In Jersey, you don’t have to travel far to find great outdoor activities for any age or ability.Throw them in deep water and take some surfing lessons Splash Surf School On the west coast of the island. They will appear tired but happy.

elsewhere, absolutely risky Catering to the kayaking crowd, exploring remote coves and cliff diving spots.

For children who are not comfortable on the water, Uncanny Valley Adventure Park Features a high ropes course, giant King Swing, paintball range, archery and zip lining. Even better, the whole family can participate, so you’ll be in on the action, too, rather than watching from the sidelines.

5: Go to see the puffins

magazine three atlantic puffins on rocky cliff fin
Atlantic puffin on a rocky cliff (Dreamstime)

Follow the puffins to the rocky shores of Guernsey. Rarely seen in the British Isles, these colorful beaked birds come to nest on the cliffs of these islands every March.

Close contact cruise or rib touror try a kayak tour from Herm’s Shell Beach, which has a great nesting spot nearby.

Puffins aren’t the only wild inhabitants of these areas, so keep an eye out for Atlantic gray seals sunbathing on the islets around Sark, and dolphins and porpoises playing in the English Channel.

6: Bring History Lessons to Life

magazine mont orgueil castle 2 1
Ogail Hill Castle (Dreamtime)

With a little imagination, your child can conquer the castles and forts of Jersey, one of the strongest fortresses in the British Isles.exist Orgail Hill Castlefuture knights can don medieval finery and defend towering turrets.

elizabeth castleThe island in St. Aubin’s Bay has protected the island for more than 300 years, but now its cannons and battlements are ripe for exploration. Visit by amphibious boat, or walk there at low tide.

this jersey war tunnelis a remnant of recent historical events, offering a fascinating insight into life on the island under German occupation during World War II. Exhibits at this underground war hospital include military artifacts, vehicles and a memorable incomplete tunnel. If your kids are learning about World War II, this is a thought-provoking place to bring them.

7: Finding Treasure

magazine fort grey west coast of guernsey
Greyburg (Dreamtime)

From April 8 to May 10, two jurisdictions celebrate Channel Islands Heritage Festival, An informative event including guided historical walks, children’s activities and spectacular one-offs.

For some pirate-themed antics, don’t miss Guernsey’s Island Explorer Treasure Hunt throughout April, which takes you and the kids all over the island in search of hidden bounties.

Armed with a map from the Guernsey Museum, you’ll explore Guernsey’s world-famous forts and castles and look for clues along the way. When you complete all the quests and return the treasure map, you’ll get some treasure of your own. This sounds great, my heart.

8: Rainy day?no problem

magazine maritime copy
Children playing in the Maritime Museum (Maritime Museum)

Even in the height of summer, the weather in the Channel Islands can be unpredictable, but there’s plenty of fun indoors, too.

this Maritime Museum Put yourself at the forefront of Jersey’s seafaring traditions, with multi-sensory exhibits that will delight the whole family. Feel the full force of the wind, learn how ships stay afloat, and hear stories about the island’s darkest swordsmen.

Racing fans, young and old, will enjoy the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the racetrack Nigel Mansell MuseumIt houses all of the F1 champion’s favorite cars, along with photos, interviews and his bulging trophy cabinet.

For young travelers, Mai Jin!adventure park A great rainy day option with indoor slides, clever activities and a baseball field to keep them entertained. When the sun comes out, try tractor rides, tobogganing, and treasure hunting. No matter the weather, there is enough here for a whole day.

This article was supported by the Channel Islands Heritage Festival, but it is unbiased and independent, like all Wanderlust editorial.

The Channel Islands Heritage Festival runs from 8 April to 10 May 2017 and includes exhibitions, special events and events.For more information, see

Main image: Gorillas at Durrell Safari Park, Jersey (Jersey Tourism)

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