8 Awesome Activities To Try In Phong Nha, Vietnam


In recent years, Vietnam has cemented its position as a major global tourist destination. But what exactly makes Phong Nha a global traveler’s darling? Impressive caves, culture and cuisine, or nature trails? Phong Nha is the holiday destination of choice for many travelers, mainly because of the activities that holidaymakers experience first-hand. Here are some great things to try in Phong Nha, Vietnam on your next trip.

8 hiking

Common sense suggests that the best way to explore an area is to walk around and collect first-hand data. While trekking is nothing new, the Phong Nha experience is outstanding in many ways. Unlike typical terrain where hikes are done in 2 to 3 hours and dusted, Phong Nha is a full day activity. It can last longer than a day, depending on the fitness level and curiosity of the hiker. Trekking introduces holidaymakers to some of Asia’s hidden treasures. From caves to green forests and wildlife, the area is full of life, making the hiker’s experience worthwhile.

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7 camping

People who haven’t tried camping always think that hiking is the answer. But wait! How to even compare the two? There’s a reason camping is the new leader in tourism and travel. First, it gives holidaymakers a better chance to enjoy the 24-hour view of Phong Nha and its surrounding areas.

Imagine having dinner in a tent in the middle of a cave and feeling the soft and smooth sound of a river gliding through a rocky cave. Likewise, there are campfires near the tents to keep vacationers warm every moment they enjoy their vacation. Even the peace that comes with being in the forest is enough to start saving up for your next camping trip in Phong Nha.

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6 bird watching

Bird watching is an essential part of the awesome activities to try in Phong Nha, Vietnam. Sounds childish, right? The biggest mistake vacationers make is not embracing their childish selves. After all, Phong Nha is not the best place for people to practice maturity. Rather, it’s a place for tourists to have fun, and bird watching certainly falls into this category. From zebra doves to various species of babbler, Phong Nha is home to numerous bird species, some of which do not exist on other continents.

5 cave tour

Although Phong Nha is known for its rainforests, wildlife and free-flowing rivers, none of these can surpass the popularity associated with its caves. Every year, millions of tourists visit the area to get a glimpse of the caves. These caves have a long history that confuses most travelers. How are they produced? Why are they so deep and safe at the same time? Some facts surrounding these caves can only be learned through experience. Even the author tells the story about the cave from a biased perspective, meaning the only trusted source is the cave itself.

4 duck feeding

This is certainly not what travel enthusiasts would expect to find in a tourist destination. However, duck feeding is a one in a million activity that holidaymakers should not miss. As odd as it may seem, feeding the ducks doesn’t appear on the list of awesome activities in Phong Nha, Vietnam, by chance. It rightfully belongs there. Those who pay close attention to Vietnamese culture can attest to the significance of birds, especially ducks, to society. Going in and seeing the harmless birds hopping around and making funny noises is a form of therapy in itself. Who doesn’t want to be in therapy in this day and age?

3 boat tour

Generally speaking, tourism and travel give vacationers the opportunity to explore all that the universe has to offer. Phong Nha is basically a perfect destination due to the many amenities it offers. A boat ride is one of the activities that makes Phong Nha a worthwhile tourist destination. Unlike cruising in an ocean where there is nothing to admire, a boat ride in Phong Nha is a completely satisfying experience. It allows vacationers to experience the wonderful bamboo vegetation, the iconic plant of Vietnam.

2 botanical tour

How does a botanical tour become an activity for tourists to explore? Well, it should be, especially in Phong Nha in Vietnam. Unlike typical hikes that are centered primarily on traversing difficult terrain, Plant Tours has none of these. First, it centers on exploring dominant plants and surrounding plants. Besides tropical rainforests, Phong Nha has many other plant species, which give it its attractive green appearance.

1 Local cuisine

The last and most important thing to try in Phong Nha, Vietnam is the local food. As we all know, Asia is a “food continent” with signature meals tailored to individual countries. Vietnam is famous for its pho, and it would be a terrible mistake to leave the area without trying it. Their fried noodles are also worth every penny. Phong Nha also offers the best chance for those willing to try sushi. The extensive food catalogue at the different restaurants here is a treat for holidaymakers.

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