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Phuket is the largest island in Thailand; known around the world for its crystal clear waters, impressive celebration scenes, stunning island chain seascapes and spectacular beaches (Phuket Discount Hotels). There are plenty of accommodation options in Phuket, but individual vacation rentals are by far the best option.

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Ready to find your dream Phuket Airbnb in paradise (and not get scammed)? Here’s the list, table shows, quick answer: These are the leading 5 Airbnbs in Phuket, Best Value Airbnb in Phuket Overall Best Value Airbnb in Phuket Near Patong Beach The Perfect Space > > > Best Homestay in Phuket Best Homestay in Phuket Racha Hifi Homestay > > > > Best Couples in Phuket Airbnb Best Couples in Phuket Airbnb Premiere Oceanfront Suite > > > > Phuket Best Family Airbnb Phuket Best Family Airbnb Phuket Best Family Airbnb Quiet Cozy Apartment > > > > Phuket Best Luxury Airbnb Best High End Airbnb Phuket Contemporary Cliffside Vacation Home > > > > What to expect from an Airbnb in Phuket, let’s get this out of the way: Thailand has a “ban” on daily rentals – discount hotels in Phuket.

Will the visitor break the law? No. Is there an Airbnb scene in Phuket? You bet there is! Plus, since many of these properties are owned and operated by residents, you’ll experience a special taste in these Phuket accommodations that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are the types of Airbnbs you can expect in Phuket.

Parts of the island can get pretty crowded, so vacation home rentals are the best way to make extra space for yourself. Plus, who doesn’t love a shiny swimming pool? That incredible family fun! State of mind lighting on the dimmer switch! But wait a minute! Yes, your rental property will be the dream you’re looking for, but read some of the fine print to make sure you don’t get scammed.

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We booked an amazing place in the mid west of the island in October 2019 and really spent 5 days. No, we didn’t pick the cheapest place, but our budget was ideal, so we might splurge on Singha (sorry, Chang lovers) and still get a private rental property with 2 queen beds and a pool .

Add in cleaning fees and other costs listed on Airbnb, and it’s about $150. Another friend reported the same thing happened in Phuket.

My friends and I agreed that renting a property was the right thing to do anyway and will be doing the same again this year! The local understanding, experience, and (in some cases) cost of homestay, most Americans think of homestay when they think of Airbnb, and that’s pretty much the beginning.

Today, homestays are often still the most affordable option on Airbnb, but that’s not the only factor in staying with a local. You’ll learn more about the area from the locals who live there and get insider advice on how to spice up your Phuket travel plans, which may save you even more cash, remembering the tour menu too one thing.

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If you’re planning to host a party somewhere other than Airbnb, or just want a relaxing vacation, homestay is still a great option for you. Homes Yes, they are also in Phuket!

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If you are staying in Phuket for a medium to long term, a condo or apartment close to Patong Harbor View Holiday Home is your best choice. This is where expats live, with all the necessary amenities and the best hangouts. Why stay at Airbnb? Having a region as host means you can find the best places to visit and things to do on all off the popular tourist trails.


Patong harbor view,

42/1 Sirira Road,

T. Padang, A. Katu,

Phuket 83150 Thailand,

Tel: +66800528082

(Google Maps

Vacationing is a break from the norm, so why not stay in a residential or commercial property that reflects that? Airbnb is the place to go for the coolest, most unusual places to stay! You can spend less than $100 per night on Airbnb and get all the amenities you’d expect in a luxury hotel and more.


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