7 Reasons to Visit Tbilisi, Georgia


After eating, drinking, and going deep underground, you might think you’ve exhausted Tbilisi’s city-breaking potential. far away. Georgia’s capital’s many hidden gems include markets and museums waiting to be discovered.

Dezerter Bazaar, one of Tbilisi’s largest and liveliest markets, is a good place to start. Stall after stall sells fresh fruit, vegetables and other delicacies. If nothing else, take a walk around and get a feel for what it’s like to live with the locals. Dry Bridge Flea Market sells the opposite: antiques, hidden treasures and eclectic tidbits, 10am-5pm daily, weather permitting.Well worth a visit but don’t be afraid to haggle You won’t be the first tourist to wander these lively streets.

Where to start a museum? There are more than 15 in the city. Start with the classics: National Museum of Georgia, Georgia Museum of Art The Tbilisi History Museum will help paint a picture of the city and the country’s fascinating past.

If you want to dig deeper, head to the Tbilisi Open Air Ethnographic Museum, which houses artefacts important to Georgian folk culture.For the Art Type, MOMA and the Silk Museum Focus Design and Textiles – Both Worth a visit. Last but not least, explore the niche worlds of puppets and Soviet cars at the Tbilisi Puppet Museum and Tbilisi Automobile Museum, respectively.


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