7 Places You Must Visit To Experience The Best Of Japan

7 Places You Must Visit To Experience The Best Of Japan

It is a well-known fact that Japan is one of the most beautiful, culturally and historically rich countries in the world. Of the countless things it is known for, being a great travel destination is one of them. Recently, the Japan Travel Awards announced the winners for 2023. These are various destinations, locations and shops that seek to showcase the best of Japan for tourists visiting the country.

This is an annual event to promote and encourage the best travel destinations in Japan. Here are seven of the best award-winning destinations you must visit to experience the best of Japan!

Japan Travel Awards: 7 Winning Locations in Japan

1. Hakone Muruyama Bussan

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This is a traditional woodworking shop specializing in mosaic-style marquetry, known in Japanese as yosegi zaiko. It also produces Japanese puzzle boxes called Karakuri. The store was recognized for its efforts to increase accessibility and make it more accessible for everyone.

Where: kanagawa prefecture

Reason for winning: Grand Prix Winner and Best Accessible Travel

2. Kumano Kodo

Japan Travel Awards

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Kumano Kodo is an ancient trail used by Buddhist pilgrims to make pilgrimage. It has a history of over 1,000 years and is maintained by the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau. It also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Where: Wakayama Tanabe

Reason for winning: Best Sustainable Tourism

3. Hama of Parents

Japan Travel Awards

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This particular beach in the Kagawa region of Japan happens to be a great place for photography. It has shallows that, when covered by water, reflect the landscape in a mirror-like fashion. This is a great photo opportunity.

Where: Kagawa Mitutoyo

Reason for winning: Best Tourism Development

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4. Wakura Onsen Chuya Ryokan

Japan Travel Awards

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A ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn with an open-air sauna or hot spring. In an ongoing effort to reduce waste and unnecessary consumption, the hotel has reduced its multi-course menu to a simple menu of one-dinner and breakfast options.

Where: Nanao Ishikawa

Reason for winning: best accommodation

5. Sokoiko!Peaceful Ride

Japan Travel Awards

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If you are a history buff and enjoy cycling, you will love this experience. It allows tourists to explore the city of Hiroshima, one of the main sites of the atomic bombing. Tourists can clearly understand the past, present and future of this town when they visit the town.

Where: Hiroshima

Reason for winning: Best Cultural Tourism

6. Happy Raft Co. Ltd. Kochi

Japan Travel Awards

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Rafting is one of the most exciting adventure sports you can experience. Doing this sport with your family will only increase your enjoyment of it. Of course, you want your family to be safe, which is why this company has to win. It has been designing projects that are not only exciting and adventurous, but also safe for your family.

Where: sound generation

Reason for winning: Best Family Travel

7. Shimanami Kaido Cycling

Japan Travel Awards

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Ehime is one of the main cycling hotspots in Japan. More than 300,000 cyclists use the 70 kilometers of cycle paths for leisure and sightseeing. Shimanami Kaido is all about adventure and fun times, which is why this destination won this award.

Where: Ehime and Hiroshima

Reason for winning: Best Adventure Travel

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So, which of these grand experiences are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!


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