7/15 (Friday) “What to eat in foreign Miyagi? ) MONKEY MAJIK plant brothers and rice tour

7/15 (Friday) “What to eat in foreign Miyagi? ) MONKEY MAJIK plant brothers and rice tour

On the 15th, “Tohoku Coco Kara” is a daily gourmet travelogue that visits the “dining table” of foreigners living in Miyagi Prefecture to learn about delicious recipes and their thoughts about their hometown.
The guides are the Plant Brothers of MONKEY MAJIK, who are based in Miyagi Prefecture and work in music, sake brewing and beekeeping. Two Canadians enjoy a diverse culinary world.

Six groups living in Miyagi Prefecture will appear on the program. Stir-fried pumpkin vines that are popular with Nepalese families, nomadic lamb feasts, bright red borscht full of Ukrainian memories, home-cooked dishes from Chile and Vietnam, etc.

When encountering ingredients and dishes that are not usually familiar in Japan, why not hear the history and thoughts of the people who lived side by side in the area?


Pumpkin vine (right), a popular vegetable in Nepal, sautéed with spices for a nostalgic…


Ukrainian-born woman’s ‘taste of memory’ is ‘borscht’ with lots of bright red beets

The tour guides are Canadian MONKEY MAJIK and PLANT brothers who live in Miyagi. The two who love farming and cooking are very interested in the ingredients and recipes taught by the performers.
Currently, 1 in every 100 people living in Miyagi Prefecture is a foreigner. I’d be happy if the distance could be shortened by food.



bryce maynard

In fact, I learned that many people came to Japan from different countries and lived in Miyagi.
Through the scenery of each table, you can feel the deep love for Miyagi and hometown where you live now. We all love to eat, but some dishes are encountered for the first time in the show, and again, the universe is immeasurable. Not to mention the food culture and traditions, all the people present are great, please pay attention to their character!

Cocoa from Tohoku “What to eat in a foreign country, Miyagi?”
Main broadcast July 15 (Friday) NHK General 19:30-19:57 (Miyagi Prefecture)
July 16 (Saturday) Rebroadcast NHK General 10:30-10:57 (Tohoku area)
You can watch this show on your computer or smartphone.
NHK Plus July 16-29 delivered by someone
(Gotochi Plus Tohoku area)

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