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On June 6, the overseas media “Travel Daily” published a feature article entitled “How to Travel Japan Like a Professional”.

For foreign tourists who are considering traveling to Japan, this article introduces 6 points to consider when traveling to Japan.

What kind of preparations do foreign tourists who come to Japan travel to?

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6 ways to travel to Japan like a pro

The Travel Daily News offers 6 tips and tricks to help you travel to Japan affordably, safely and efficiently.

1. Get an eSIM card

When traveling in Japan, an internet connection is essential for finding great food, translating Japanese and finding directions.

We recommend that you have an “eSIM card” to keep you connected to the internet during your stay in Japan.

2. Take the train

Japan’s bullet trains are clean, fast and efficient for travel. You can also save money by purchasing a Japan Rail Pass.

The Japan Rail Pass is a pass jointly offered by six JR Group companies and is only available to foreign tourists visiting Japan. You can take unlimited trains, Shinkansen, buses, ferries, etc., and it is said to be suitable for short-distance travel.

3. Book accommodation early

Convenient accommodations can be expensive in densely populated Japanese cities, so it’s best to research where to stay ahead of time.

The reason for this is that if you book at the last minute, the cost will be higher, or the room will be fully booked.

It also introduces opportunities to stay at facilities unique to Japan such as temples and capsule hotels by researching places to stay in advance.

4. Have cash ready

Some restaurants, ramen shops, cafes, etc. in Japan do not support cashless, so it is recommended that you prepare cash.

Additionally, we will be able to support multiple payment methods such as international debit and credit cards, and we will be able to reduce the risk of loss or theft by decentralizing storage locations.

5. Take advantage of the tax-free process

Tax-free purchases of general goods such as electrical appliances and clothing over 5,000 yen.

We recommend that you carry your passport with you for smooth tax-free procedures.

6. Respect Japanese rules and manners

Finally, it is important to respect Japanese rules and etiquette when acting.

We ask people to be aware of how they eat sushi, visit family, ride trains and dress codes.

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Travel Daily: How to Travel Japan Like a Pro

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