52nd Skål Asia Congress held in Bali

52nd Skål Asia Congress held in Bali

The Bali Club, led by Chairman Stefan Mueller and IPP Stuart Bolwell, held a well-organized and well-organized opening ceremony at the Isle of the Gods on the first day of the conference.

Bali – face to face for the first time Cheers Asia Conference With much fanfare since the pandemic, Asian sports leagues from more than a dozen countries make up the dynamic Cheers International area. It once again highlights the deep friendship and camaraderie in the association’s 91-year long history. The Asian region accounts for nearly 18% of all global members.

Skoll World President Attends juanstertaVice President Dennis Scruton and director NSN Mohan with former world presidents Peter Morrison National chairs and representatives of the five NatComs in the region. The largest of these was Australia, with 855 members led by President Ivana Patalano.

bali club under the chairmanship Stefan Müller and IPP Stuart Powell On the first day of the conference, a well-organized and tightly organized opening ceremony was held in the island of the gods.The venue is spectacular Wreck Nusa Dua HotelLed by a specialist Scottish GM Ian Mac D. Campbell.

In his opening remarks, Skål Asia Chair-elect Keethi Jayaweera said, “On behalf of the Asian region, I am honored to welcome you all to the opening ceremony of the 52nd Skål Asia Congress. It was almost nine years ago that we last held the 43rd Asia Regional Congress in Bali.

“As we gather here today, we are reminded of the importance of tourism in shaping our world. Tourism is more than leisure and travel, it creates opportunities for economic growth, cultural exchange and environmental sustainability.

“Over the past few years, we have faced unprecedented challenges in the travel industry, including climate change, tourism and the Covid-19 pandemic. Thankfully, the travel industry is once again showing signs of returning to pre-pandemic levels.

“As members of Skål international, we have a responsibility to lead its recovery, while keeping in mind our obligation to promote sustainable tourism practices. We must work together to ensure that tourism is not only good for the industry, but also good for local communities and the environment.

“Today we have an exceptional group of speakers who will be sharing their thoughts, insights and experiences in sustainable tourism, technology and food safety.

“But this congress is not just about learning and sharing. It’s also about networking and building relationships. We have representatives from all over Asia and Oceania, representing different sectors of the tourism industry. Let’s take this opportunity to connect with each other and stay true to Skål” Do business with friends” motto, exchange ideas and collaborate on projects that will positively impact our world.”

“I would like to thank today’s speakers, hosts Skål International Club Bali and Chairman Stefan Mueller, Congress Director Stuart Bolwell and the Organizing Committee, Merusaka Nusa Dua General Manager Ian Cameron and his team, they are very accommodating to all our requests, The sponsors and partners who made this conference possible.Finally, I would also like to thank all Skålleagues members from Asia and Oceania for their participation and contribution to this important event.

Mr. Keethi Jayaweera concluded, “Let’s make the most of this Congress and let’s work together to make tourism a catalyst for sustainable development.”

Andrew J Wood was born in Yorkshire, England and is a former hotelier, Skalleague and travel writer. Andrew has 48 years of hospitality and travel experience. Studied at Batley Grammar School and graduated in Hospitality from Edinburgh Napier University. Andrew started his career in London working in various hotels. His first job overseas was with Hilton International in Paris, and he arrived in Asia in 1991, where he was appointed marketing director for Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok and has remained in Thailand ever since. Andrew also worked for the Royal Garden Resort Group (now Anantara) (Vice President) and the Landmark Group of Hotels (Vice President Sales and Marketing). Most recently, he served as General Manager of the Royal Cliff Hotel Group in Pattaya and Chaophya Park Hotel and Resort in Bangkok.

Past board member and director of Skål International (SI), past country president of SI Thailand and past president of the Bangkok Club. Andrew is currently President of Skål Asia. In 2019, Andrew was awarded the Medal of Honor, SKÅL’s highest honor.

He is a regular guest lecturer at various universities in Asia.

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