22 students from Cambodia came to Japan to learn the history and charm of Japanese martial arts! ! |JICE General Incorporated Foundation Japan International Cooperation Center Press Release

Name: JENESYS 2022 Japan-Cambodia Exchange Program (Martial Arts)
Purpose: For young Cambodian students who are interested in Japanese martial arts, learn about Japanese life through lectures on general Japanese martial arts, Okinawa karate and Kobudo, and home visits. Japanese culture.

January 11 (Water) Coming to Japan
directions upon arrival
Thursday, January 12【Lecture】Nippon Budokan
【University Visit and Exchange of Opinions】Nippon Sports University International Exchange Center
Moved to Okinawa Prefecture on Friday, January 13

(Courtesy call) Yomitan Village Office, Okinawa Prefecture
January 14 (Saturday)[Home Visit/Japanese Cultural Experience]Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture
January 15 (Sunday)[Observation/Communication]Okinawa Karate, Okinawa Kobudo experience
(Lectures, observations, experiences about the marine environment) Natural Blue Co., Ltd.
Moved to Tokyo on January 16 (Monday)

report meeting
Return home on January 17 (Tuesday)

Target: 22 Cambodian high school students, college students, graduate students and working people
Language: Cambodian (Khmer)
Implementation method: face-to-face invitation
Implementing agency: Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE)

【JENESYS Japan Understanding Promotion Project Outline】
JENESYS is the Japanese government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and JICE was commissioned to plan and operate the project. Through people-to-people and cultural exchanges, we will enhance understanding of Japanese politics, economy, society, culture, history, foreign policy, etc., and discover and cultivate future pro-Japanese and Japan-friendly groups. In addition, the purpose of actively exchanging Japan’s diplomatic stance and charm through the participants is to strengthen Japan’s external information dissemination and expand Japan’s diplomatic base.

(queries on this matter)
Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) International Relations Department

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