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2,000-year-old Mayan city discovered! | India Travel Times

In a surprising discovery, researchers have uncovered the remains of a large Mayan town buried beneath the rainforest. The same was found when surveying northern Guatemala from the air. It must be noted that 51% of the country’s population is Mayan, the only indigenous culture to comprise such a large percentage of the population of a Mesoamerican country.

The massive site, which reportedly spans 650 square miles near the Mexican border, is known as the Mirador-Calakmul karst basin. If archaeologists are to be believed, they estimate that the city must have existed 2,000 years ago and consisted of about 1,000 settlements connected by 110 miles of causeways. The team also found the remains of platforms and pyramids.

Approximately 110 miles of cleared navigable causeways and raised beds used as highways made it relatively easy for the civilization’s inhabitants to travel to nearby settlements.

According to reports, this discovery was attributed to the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), which was used by a group of researchers from several US universities and collaborators from France and Guatemala.As for lidara detection system based on laser light rather than radio waves, the researchers decided to use because LiDAR can penetrate rainforests and reveal what lies beneath them.

The researchers released a statement further revealing the discovery, adding that the researchers also found evidence of large platforms and pyramids in settlements that they said were centers of work, politics and entertainment hub. They also believe that some settlements had ball courts, suggesting that people of that era were also used to play various sports in the area.

People in that civilization built canals to transport water and reservoirs to hold water for later use during periods of drought, the researchers added.

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