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The German Branch of the Ministry of Culture (equivalent to the Japanese Ministry of Education), the Taipei Representative Office in Germany (equivalent to the Embassy of the Republic of China in Germany), cultural groups and non-profit organizations “Impression Taiwan”, TFFB Team (Taiwan Film Festival Berlin Team) will It will be held on the video sharing website Vimeo from August 20th to 29th.

This year the festival will screen “Road to Freedom: Human Rights in Taiwan,” “Portrait of an Artist,” “The Explorer and the Longing to Travel,” and the short film category “Gourmets in Taiwan: A Collage of Short Films.” A total of 16 films were screened, including “Looking for Taromark: Land of the Warriors” and “Chen En” by Wang Wanju.

According to the cultural team of the German representative office in Taipei, the “Berlin Taiwan Film Festival” is the largest annual Taiwan film festival in Europe, and its scale is expanding year by year. This year it will be held online, not only Berliners, but all Germans can enjoy Taiwanese movies online.

Curator Lin Zhiying said that this year we will launch works that depict the philosophical thinking and self-exploration of Taiwanese people facing each other across the mountains and seas through four themes. At the same time, I also hope that Germans can transcend the physical distance and understand the diversity and depth of Taiwanese culture through images.

The “Berlin Taiwan Film Festival” will be held online on the video sharing website “Vimeo” from August 20. You can purchase MOVIE PASS before the 19th to watch all works at a discounted price in advance. After 20 days, it will be sold at cost price. MOVIE PASS is only available to German residents, and they can watch all 16 movies unlimited times from the 20th to the 29th. Videos such as film roundtable discussions and director interviews are open to the world and can be watched by anyone.

Official website: http://festival2021.impressiontaiwan.org/
Pass purchase website: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/TFFB2021
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/impressiontaiwan/
Official trailer: https://bit.ly/3hvAQbB


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