13 Best Islands In The Maldives For Travelers On A Budget

13 Best Islands In The Maldives For Travelers On A Budget

The Maldives is one of the top resorts in the world and the best choice for travelers seeking tropical island life. With powder-white sands, sparkling turquoise waters and lush palms swaying in the warm gentle breeze, the best islands in the Maldives embody everything sun-seekers and beach-goers crave from their paradise getaway. It’s not just about rest and relaxation – the Maldives has unrivaled snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing opportunities, and thanks to its rich and diverse marine life, the Maldives is an Indian Ocean paradise.

Of course, such a perfect paradise rightly costs a penny – the Maldives isn’t known for being the most affordable holiday destination. However, sift through the sea of ​​5-star luxury resorts and private islands of elite exclusive playgrounds and you’ll find many hidden islands scattered across this incredible stretch of sun, sand and sea. From local islands that exude authentic Maldivian glamour, to no-cost getaways, these islands are budget-friendly yet perfect Maldivian treasures that all the glossy magazines and Instagram influencers won’t tell you.

Updated by Lauren Feather, January 7, 2022: The Maldives will always be a popular destination for discerning travelers looking for a truly heavenly experience. As this dreamy atoll country grows in popularity, more and more budget-friendly islands are being discovered by savvy holidaymakers looking for the best options for a holiday country without breaking their wallets. To keep up with trends in this growing tourist melting pot, including sugar-white beaches, crystal-clear underwater worlds and tropical flora, new islands that don’t break the bank have been incorporated.

13 Fuvahmulah, Gnaviyani Atoll

Deep in the south, Fuvahmulah is a stunning local island – which means that visitors should respect the Islamic traditions of the Maldives and dress modestly outside the designated “bikini beach” for tourists. About a 45-minute flight from the capital Male’s airport, it’s relatively underdeveloped as a tourist destination with limited (but low-cost) accommodation. Don’t let that put you off, though, as this idyllic gem is essential to experiencing the true Maldivian lifestyle that the protected bubbles of upscale five-star resorts and tourist hotspots can’t offer.

Known as the “Galapagos of the Maldives”, Fuvahmulah is known for its rich and diverse marine species. The snorkeling and scuba diving here represent some of the best in the country (along with neighboring Addu Island), and divers often enjoy encounters with tiger sharks, thresher sharks, marine manta rays and whale sharks. Combined with the fact that accommodation and diving are very cheap compared to the rest of the Maldives, this is the perfect place for budget travelers looking for authentic Maldivian culture and incredible underwater activities.

12 Maafushi, South Male Atoll

White sandy beaches and turquoise waters combine with a range of affordable attractions, activities and accommodation on Maafushi Island – the island is conveniently located close to Malé Airport and can be reached by ferry, speedboat or plane. The island has numerous low-cost hotels and has the largest number of guesthouses in the Maldives.

Plus, a kaleidoscope of coral reefs, excellent diving and unforgettable excursions, and an array of affordable (and fantastic!) restaurants, all at attractive prices, make this a place to experience what the Maldives has to offer One of the best places to pay a fortune for everything.

11 Dhiffushi, Kaafu Atoll

Despite its small size, Dhiffushi Island is gaining popularity among tourists, but it remains irresistibly budget-friendly. It’s a peaceful island full of friendly Maldivians, where guests can enjoy the same holiday life as many would pay a penny. Dhiffushi has two bikini beaches where visitors can let their hair down, put on their swimsuits and don’t worry; one is the pristine clean powdery sand of Rashu Hiya Resort, and the other is the southwest side of the island’s quieter coast, which is calm but sometimes irritating People feel abandoned. Visitors will also find shops on the island, as well as two lovely cafes serving local delicacies at affordable prices.

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10 Hanimaadhoo, let’s inherit the atoll

Located in the pristine northern stretch of the Maldives, Hanimaadhoo is approximately a 45-minute flight from the capital airport. Postcard-perfect beaches, azure lagoons and lush tropical vegetation abound on this unspoilt island, and in addition to budget-friendly nature excursions and yoga classes, visitors can indulge in scuba diving and large-scale Water adventure activities such as fishing. Accommodations here are equally alluring, spoiling guests with irresistible Maldivian glamour, blending modern comforts without breaking the bank.

9 Dharawandu, Baa Atoll

Tucked away in Baa Atoll, Dharavandhoo is very off the beaten track but easily accessible from Male’ airport. This picturesque island offers families and beloved couples an affordable Maldives beach getaway without draining their pockets.

A favorite among honeymooners in particular, it offers world-class snorkeling and diving on colorful coral reefs, as well as encounters with fairly reliable manta rays and whale sharks in the right season.

Located in the heart of the Maldives’ only UNESCO Marine Biosphere Reserve, the island is an ideal wallet-friendly base for those wanting to witness the globally famous manta ray gathering in Hanifaru Bay.

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8 Ukulhas, North Ari Atoll

Located on the fringes of North Ari Atoll, Ukulhas Island is dotted with charming fishing communities, has numerous budget hotels and guesthouses, and rewards visitors with Maldivian hospitality and authentic local island culture.

Consistently located on the greenest island in the country, this picturesque paradise boasts eco-conscious initiatives and an unspoilt environment. And, with its soft sands, swaying palm trees, and azure waters rich in marine biodiversity, Ukulhas offers the eco-conscious, budget-conscious traveler the perfect tropical getaway, the Maldives so popular around the world welcome.

7 Omadou, North Ari Atoll

Nestled in the heart of Ari Atoll, Omadhoo is a charming fishing village where couples and families can relax and enjoy an authentic, quiet and relaxing island atmosphere full of local culture. You won’t see bundled bells and whistles like you’d find on a five-star resort island, as this is an island lost in the true Maldivian lifestyle.

True hospitality and local traditions are combined with snorkeling and diving on the beautiful coral reefs where sharks, turtles and a rich variety of species inhabit the stunning reefs. There is also a “bikini beach” on the southwest side of the island, where visitors can wear more revealing swimwear without conflicting with the conservative values ​​of the local population.

Accommodations are not plentiful, but there are enough guest houses to serve a handful of tourists for a first-class but affordable holiday. Plus, their restaurant feels as homey as their home.

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6 Dhigurah, South Ari Atoll

The stunning Dhigurah Island in South Ari Atoll is a large and long-lived island very close to where visitors can snorkel with the atoll’s swarms of whale sharks that feed on plankton-rich waters. Local dive operators offer whale shark snorkeling trips, a once-in-a-lifetime experience anyone on the island must experience, according to a documentary by David Attenborough.

There are several hotels and B&Bs on the island, as well as a small village with grocery and souvenir shops – handy for those who eschew the resort’s more expensive trinkets and food. The southern end of the island also features a photogenic sandbar, which is a bonus once you get there on foot or by bike through the jungle.

5 Tinadu, Vavu Atoll

Families and honeymooners often put Thinadhoo at the top of their list of Maldives islands they must return to. Diving and snorkeling is exhilarating here, and the dazzling healthy coral reefs are home to colorful marine species near the white-sand beaches. The island also offers epic deep-sea fishing trips for those looking for more adventure at sea.

Overall, guests will not be disappointed by this paradise island with its laid-back charm, diverse water and land activities, and welcoming ambience, attracting many returning customers who like to indulge in the perfect Maldivian getaway. price tag.

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4 Tuulusdu, North Male Atoll

Just a short 30-minute speedboat ride from Male’, Thulusdhoo promises an extraordinary holiday for those expecting the Maldives to be world-renowned – at a fraction of the cost. Crystal clear oceans, soft white sand, luscious palm trees, excellent scuba diving and snorkeling all beckon beach bums and nature lovers alike, but Thulusdhoo has something extra to grab your attention – this A surfer’s dream. The island’s surf season runs from March to October, with the best and most reliable waves from June to August.

3 Rewind, Ha’a Alif Atoll

Kelaa is another ideal choice for those looking for authentic Maldivian hospitality and a slow-paced lifestyle without breaking the bank. There are a handful of affordable guesthouses on the island, but what it lacks in accommodation more than makes up for its fantastic beaches, turquoise lagoons and flooded reefs full of iridescent coral and fish.

Perfect for couples and families, Kelaa offers a true barefoot Maldivian experience, not only for its idyllic character and adventure, but also for its hospitable, warm-hearted locals who welcome guests with open arms to their perfect paradise.

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2 Tudu, North Ari Atoll

Finally, Thoddoo has dozens of inns and hotels, all suitable for travelers on a budget. If the picture-perfect beaches and azure waters teeming with vibrant and diverse marine life weren’t enough to lure you, low-cost snorkeling and diving tours, as well as affordable island hopping and water sports activities will surely do the trick .

The island also has gorgeous sandbars, the perfect spot for your Instagram pics of paradise. Beachgoers will also be pleased to know that there is also an amazing “bikini beach” where visitors can get a tan in a skimpy swimsuit.

1 Feridhoo, North Ari Atoll

Feridhoo has a reputation for being one of the best islands in the Maldives for snorkeling, which is easy on the wallet. The scuba diving here is also worth mentioning, just a short boat ride from the coast and there are many incredible dive sites. Overall, Feridhoo is a blissful local island with soft white sand beaches and lush tropical greenery, offering a true local Maldivian feel, as well as a wide range of idyllic activities on water and land, from thrilling to relaxing – all of this All at an unbeatable price tag.

Often highly rated by families and solo travelers, the island is also a place for intrepid vacationers looking for beach breaks, water sports, snorkeling and diving, peaceful picnics, island hopping, and manta and dolphin watching cruises. What’s more, Feridhoo A fascinating fact is that it is the origin of the Maldivian cultural dance – Bodu Beru, where visitors can enjoy interesting historical and cultural dance performances by locals in the evening.

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