11 Places To Visit In Dhaka & Surrounds For Eid With Families And Kids

In Bangladesh, the two Eid festivals are the biggest national festivals enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life. This is also the longest National Day holiday. As such, Eid al-Fitr is also a time for families to enjoy each other’s company.To add to the festive spirit of the day, there are plenty of activities beautiful place and near dhaka that person can explore and their family and children. Here is the list of the best.

Best Places To Visit In Dhaka And Surrounds For Eid 2023

ralbagh fort

Built in the 17th century, Lal Bagh Fort is a monumental architectural beauty and a testimony to the splendor of the Mughal Empire. The fort was commissioned by Prince Muhammad Azam, son of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

Today, the fort still stands as a tribute to the region’s rich cultural heritage. There is a large open garden, which has retained its original design. The site also houses the mausoleum of Pari Bibi, daughter of Shaista Khan of Subedar, Bengal at the time.

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The Fort is open daily from 10am to 5pm, except Sundays. Lal Bagh Fort remains closed on Eid, but opens from the second day of Eid.

Asan Manziel

Located in Islampur, Dhaka, Ahsan Manzil, widely known as the ‘Pink Palace’, is another exquisite architectural marvel in the city. Lal Bagh Fort is a testimony of the Mughals while Ahsan Manzir is a remnant of the Nawab Dynasty in Dhaka.

Built in the early 1900s, the palace combines European and Mughal architectural styles. The palace is also believed to be the first residence to be electrified in Dhaka at the time.

Ahsan Manzil has the same visiting hours as Lal Bagh Fort. It remains closed on Eid al-Fitr and opens from the day after Eid al-Fitr.

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Ahsan Manziel (Photo: Wikipedia)

National Assembly

The National Assembly of Bangladesh is a symbol of democracy in the country. With its unique architecture and spacious design, the Parliament is one of the top attractions in Dhaka.

The National Assembly was designed by renowned architect Louis Kahn and completed in 1982. The iconic structure is criss-crossed in geometric shapes, blending traditional and modern design elements.

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Of the nine complexes, the main building and adjoining complexes are closed to the public. However, the spacious northern complex, Crescent Lake and Chandrima Udyan are open to the public. The South Square is also a gathering area for Eid al-Fitr.

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After the Hari Raya assembly, Parliament will remain open to visitors until 4pm. It will function normally from the second day of Eid al-Fitr.

    Dhaka National Assembly, Bangladesh

Bangladesh National Assembly (Photo: Wikipedia)

Liberation War Museum

The War of Liberation Museum offers the most comprehensive look at Bangladesh’s struggle for independence in 1971. It records the heroic stories of the brave sons and daughters of the country who gave their lives for the liberation of the motherland. The museum houses a vast collection of artifacts, photographs and personal documents documenting the country’s history during that turbulent period.

The Liberation War Museum is open from 10am to 6pm (except Sundays and government holidays). The venue will also remain closed on Eid al-Fitr and will continue to operate as usual from the second day of Eid al-Fitr.

    Dhaka Liberation War Museum

Liberation War Museum (Image source: Wikipedia)

Bangladesh National Museum

The National Museum of Bangladesh is located in Shabagh. It is the largest museum in the country and covers 2,500 years of the region’s history. There are different sections including archaeological exhibition, Bangladeshi art, traditional crafts and ethnographic section. From artifacts to contemporary art, the National Museum is the most comprehensive cultural center in Bangladesh.

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The Rijksmuseum is open every day (except Sundays) from 10am to 5pm. It will be open at normal hours starting from the second day of Hari Raya.

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    Bangladesh National Museum

National Museum of Bangladesh (Photo: Wikipedia)

Hatir Jaher

Previously, Hatirjheel was a sewer that stretched from the Begunbari end to the south of Gulshan. The canal is now a popular recreational spot for Dhaka residents following a massive restoration program led by the Bangladesh Army.

The design of the lakeside promenade has seating arranged along the river bank. With an open food court and leisure activities area, it is a lively place during the holidays.

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Hatirjheel is open to visitors every day of the week. But the best time to visit during Eid is in the afternoon, as that’s when the place really comes alive.

    Hatir Jaher

Hatirjheel (Photo: Wikipedia)

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theater

Located in Tejgaon, the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theater is the first state-of-the-art planetarium in the country. The place is popular with Dhaka residents as a center of knowledge and entertainment. The theater hosts engaging and educational programming on topics such as astronomy, astrophysics, technology and the natural world. The visual presentation and immersive experience is sure to transport anyone to a galaxy far, far away.

The Novo Theater will remain closed on Eid al-Fitr but will resume its normal schedule from the following day.

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ramner park

Located next to the Dhaka University campus, Ramna Park is one of the largest parks in Bangladesh. Ramna Park covers approximately 68 acres and is a forest recreation area in the heart of Dhaka.

Every morning, the park is packed with joggers and nature lovers who come to get some fresh morning air. The history of the park dates back to the Mughal era around 1600 AD. Since then, the place has undergone several changes to become what it is today.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Ramna Park remains closed from 12pm to 3pm daily. People can visit the park from 3pm to 8pm and from 5am to 12pm.

Bangabandhu Military Museum

The Bangabandhu Military Museum was first inaugurated in 1987 as the Army Museum. Several renovation projects have since been undertaken, the latest being a complete overhaul and modernization of the existing Military Museum and Toshakhana Jadughor.

The museum opened to the public on January 6, 2022 following an inauguration ceremony officiated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

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The newly built complex incorporates modern technology and showcases the history of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. Each floor is dedicated to each branch of the military, namely the Army, Air Force and Navy.

Bangabandhu Military Museum will be closed on Hari Raya. Normal operations will resume from the second day of Hari Raya.

Sinda Park

Sinda Park is no ordinary park. Located at the end of a 300ft long road near Narayanganj, Zinda Park is a community village developed as a rural growth and development project. The gated community is like an eco-park with residents, local necessities and a school.

In every way, the park resembles a picturesque village just two hours away from Dhaka. Many come here to experience the calm and serenity of the natural surroundings and to sample the local country cuisine. Every year, Sinda Park hosts Eid al-Fitr week to celebrate the festival. The park is open every day and the entrance fee for Eid week is Taka 150. Entrance fee is Taka 100 on weekdays.

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    Sinda Park

Sinda Park (Photo: Collection)

Dhaka University Campus

When it comes to open spaces in the city, the University of Dhaka campus is another picturesque place to explore. The area mainly consists of different buildings spread over 600 acres of land. While many students disapprove of using university grounds as a public resort, open space is a breath of fresh air in a city criss-crossed by concrete.

Visitors can explore the architectural beauty of Curzon Hall and the Academy of Arts building. The campus also has beautiful gardens and tranquil ponds that provide a sense of tranquility for students and visitors. Every corner of the University is a testament to its academic excellence and its intricate relationship to all of the country’s major historical events.

There is no time requirement to enter Dhaka University campus. But the afternoon is the best time to visit the university.

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    Dhaka University Campus, Bangladesh

Dhaka University Campus (Photo: Wikipedia)

final words

Dhakaeven with its unplanned and rapid urbanization, there are still some amazing place for social outing exist Eid al-Fitr and other occasions or weekends. While most of these places are free, others require a nominal fee to experience the location.

While most establishments remain closed on Eid, visitors can still take advantage of public spaces as all establishments will remain open according to their operating hours.

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